IT Consultancy

Your IT & Telecoms solution is at the pinnacle of issues to address during your planned move. Our team of experts will liaise with your in-house technical team to ensure every aspect of your IT requirement is covered and to design the infrastructure in the new building to fully support your needs. The primary consideration during our IT & Telecoms planning period is to build in resilience and contingency to ensure business continuity regardless of potential challenges in the process.

Technology that works seamlessly

Technology in today's society is constantly changing and developing. At Oktra we intend to work in tandem with the evolution of technological advances as best we can. With technology transforming business practices in almost every sector on a regular basis, 3G, 4G and WiFi, cloud computing, tablets, smartphones, videoconferencing and telepresence have already altered office space usage dramatically and made remote working and hot desking infinitely more practical.

What to consider?
When preparing your office fit-out brief, you’ll need to consider your ICT requirements – everything from wireless signal to power demand and socket placement. It makes sense to also build in some future-proofing. By integrating IT, audiovisual and communications equipment and cabling into the very fabric of interior designs, it can be readily accessible for upgrades and maintenance.

We source and install only the most reliable, up to date and cost-effective IT communications equipment – ensuring you get the processing power you need without compromising on space or design. No more cables dragging along the floor, no more unsightly clutter. If it’s physically and technically possible, we’ll make it happen seamlessly.

Get the technology provision right and you’ll boost productivity and efficiency, introduce flexibility for staff and customers, reduce office frustration, lift morale and increase your staff attraction and retention rates.

Our case studies reveal our ability to meticulously create a complete office with out unnecessary distractions. Take a look at some of our case studies and call us for IT consultancy.

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