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  • Meet the Designers – Cheré Falconer

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  • Introducing the creatives behind the UK’s leading office design company.

    We’ve designed and built over 10 million sq ft of office space, transforming the lives of over 123,000 people, but we’d be nothing without the 170 creative professionals that make up our teams. We create spaces that inspire people to do amazing things. Here are some of the amazing things our people are doing, and a closer look at their roles within Oktra.

    We sat down with six members of our design team, to get to know more about what makes them tick.

  • Cheré Falconer

    Originally from South Africa, Cheré has an architectural background with a wealth of international knowledge.

    She loves design with a challenge, describing her working style as an evolving process that funnels an abundance of ideas into an organised outcome.

  • Chere-01_2640x1980_acf_cropped
  • “Creative minds are rarely tidy,” she adds, quoting John William Gardner.

    Perhaps most imperatively, Cheré mentions that “you can’t design blind.” Good designers get to know their clients, their buildings and surrounding areas, taking time to understand the people and spaces they’re designing for.

    “You need to look up or you’ll lose things.” She’s talking about keeping cell phones in your pocket when you’re walking through the street, but it’s a salient creative observation too.

    What can’t Cheré work without? Most basically, a pencil and a piece of paper. Most definitely, her dog, Pablo.

    Q: At what moment did you know you wanted to be a designer?
    A: “At about 7 or 8, using string to make floor plans for my Barbie’s house with my older sister.”

    Q: What skill would you like to master?
    A: “Ooh several…. The perfect cartwheel, a headstand and paddle boarding… oh and Revit!”

    Q: Where is your favourite place in the world?
    A: “On a beach… any beach. As long as I can hear the waves.”

    Q: What is your favourite object that you own?
    A: “No object compares to the one thing I love most, which is my dog Pablo.”

    Q: What do you prefer – a pencil or drawing on a computer?
    A: “Pencil. Feels more personal.”

    Q: Tell us about what is on your desk.
    A: “Apart from the usual… a Little Miss Sunshine tin filled with Sharpies, a water bottle, a ‘current mood’ chart – which someone keeps changing and a large blue acrylic box filled with stuff (Ral chart, measuring tape, scale rulers, staples, scissors.. essentially everything that should be on a pedestal).”


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