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  • Black River

    London WC2 / Financial / 7,500 sq ft / 7 weeks

  • Consult and design

    Black River needed to relocate their offices from Surrey to central London, as their parent company, Cargill, had decided to undergo an office relocation. They wanted a modern design that reflected the history of their business and agricultural heritage. Working closely with two key stakeholders and their project manager, our team constructed a design which subtly hinted to the ethos of their brand and echoed their agronomic background.

  • Manage and build

    As this was their first significant move since the formation of the company, staff engagement was a focal point of the relocation process. Our team put together orientation booklets to put nerves at ease and to ensure everyone was informed and felt involved in the move. The relocation to Orion House, a high-rise building with tight staircases and difficult accessibility, made the logistics of the move somewhat challenging. With years of experience in difficult buildings, our project manager created a project plan which worked around these obstacles with ease and efficiency.

  • The new space

    We created a sleek, high-spec workspace with an open plan feel. By juxtaposing a neutral colour palette with splashes of green throughout, we encapsulated the company’s colours in a subtle yet vibrant way. Our designers sourced vintage ploughs and worked with a structural engineer to safely suspend each piece to create a unique and unusual hanging display. Placed in the reception, the striking feature leaves a remarkable impression on everyone who enters the Black River office.

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