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  • Client Server

    London EC2 / Technology / 5,800 sq ft / 5 weeks

  • Envisioned

    Client Server drives success for their clients by locating first class opportunities within the technology industry. Their new office needed to accommodate their rapid growth by increasing the number of meeting rooms whilst including a central space that could bring the company together.

  • Shaped

    Our team carefully constructed a plan for the build which was aligned with Client Server’s budgetary requirements. This included collaborating with the client team to achieve a timeline that allowed a lead-in period for Client Server to reconfigure their brand before works began.

  • Transformed

    The spacious teapoint is ideal for connecting the whole office, exhibiting inspirational quotes on the walls that were chosen personally by employees. The meeting rooms are colour coded, with the main desk area providing relaxing and neutral shades of blue. High-back booths with fitted screens encourage more flexible and informal meetings in an office that provides a private yet intimate environment.

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