What is Design & Build and can it really deliver our project faster and at a lower cost?

‘Design and Build’ means we do everything from planning through to implementation. We listen to what you want from your workspace and then create a solution tailored specifically for your business’s needs. Once you’re completely happy with everything we then make it happen, it’s as simple as that! With ‘Design and Build’ your project is likely to be delivered up to 40% faster and at up to 15% less cost because you’ll be dealing with just one point of contact at all times. Our teams work together on a tightly co-ordinated plan and controlled budget. Thanks to our unrivalled buying power we can source all our materials at the best prices making you even further savings.

How can we achieve more from our space?

No matter how big (or small) the project there are hundreds of simple design techniques we can implement to help you get the very best from your space. Studies show that the average office desk is only utilised for around 40% of the working day with most meeting rooms only being used for 10% of the available time. Whether it be through hot desking zones or multi use shared spaces, we can develop innovative methods and processes to make your office environment work as hard as the people in it. The average office space allocation is around 12 sq m per person but using advanced furniture strategies and space saving devices we’ve consistently been able to show that, where necessary, 8 sq m per person is comfortably achievable.

How do we engage our people in the changes we're making?

Change doesn’t have to be stressful. Our experts work closely with key members of your organisation to ensure all the needs and wants of your staff are taken into account. We engage your staff as early as possible in the consultation and design process to alleviate any anxiety about proposed changes and ensure your company maximises the opportunity presented by the refurbishment/relocation.

How can our office effectively reflect our brand and vision?

At Oktra, we don’t just create beautiful office space; we ensure that every aspect of your office space is an inspirational demonstration of your brand. We'll work closely alongside you to ensure your company’s vision is reflected in your office space in a way that motivates staff, enhances productivity and sends the right message to your clients.

Who needs to be involved in the project?

We believe that every employee has a valid point of view. In the planning phase we’ll make it our job to determine what each individual needs to function at optimum effectiveness and efficiency. Once the consultation process is finished, the team involvement from your side need only be minimal. We recommend having a single point of contact within the client’s team who would act as the ultimate decision maker.

How can a work environment improve staff attraction and retention levels?

We design office space that help people work more effectively. That means happier staff and higher productivity. The workspace we create for you will be inspirational, functional and a pleasure to work in. Many of our clients have found that staff attraction and retention levels are substantially improved by the work we do for them.

How much will it cost?

We can develop a programme to meet any client budget. At every stage we’ll ensure that your money is spent in the most effective ways and delivers the best value. Once we know your specific needs, we can offer you an extremely quick synopsis of the anticipated costs.

How long will it take?

Being fully operational with no downtime is crucial. We deliver all of our projects on time and have a wealth of experience in working on projects of all shapes, sizes, and levels of complexity. Once we’ve established the size and scale of the project we can very quickly make an assessment regarding timescales. According to your requirements, project programmes can often be accelerated, however we will always recommend what is realistic and achievable.

Where can I see examples of your work?

We’re proud of what we do and happily invite clients to see jobs in progress and completed projects. Call us on 020 7553 9500 and we can arrange a viewing at your convenience.

What happens after the project is completed?

As your business evolves it’s only natural your office needs will too. That’s why we’ll be right there on hand to offer all the ongoing help and support you need. Whether it’s routine maintenance or on the spot crisis management, we’ll pull out all the stops to ensure your office environment performs as well as it did on day one. For total peace of mind we also offer a “Preventative Maintenance” programme at 3, 9 and 18 months. We’ll work with you to anticipate future developments and keep your office space working for you at the optimum level as your business continues to grow.




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