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  • Your workplace furniture will determine your people’s way of working; whether you need a more traditional setup or are looking to adopt new ways of working, we can create a bespoke environment with workspace furniture that supports your objectives and your occupants.

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    Our furniture process results in workspace that is equipped to navigate the pandemic and fit for the post-COVID future.

    • Commercial furniture solutions as unique
      as you are

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      We work with you to understand your business, including what works for your and what doesn’t.

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      We work hand-in-hand with the design team, delivering a turnkey solution tailored to your business and your budget.

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      Our experts have an unparalleled understanding of market brands and the supply chain.

      Arrow Icon Unbiased recommendations

      We’re an independent supplier, meaning our recommendations are never biased towards a select few suppliers.

      Arrow Icon Continual care and support

      Our aftercare programme ensures you can easily contact us for any additional products or maintenance.

  • The Furniture Booklet

    Did you know your office furniture can transform your company’s ways of working? This free booklet introduces Oktra’s 3-step furniture process, the project timelines you can expect and the key concepts shaping the future of workplace design.

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  • Photobox Group came to us for the design and fit out of their Herbal House headquarters: they needed a space that facilitated a company-wide transition to agile working and provided ample opportunities for collaboration between teams. Their new office boasts a fully-agile environment, multi-purpose event space and a striking visual identity that pays tribute to the historic nature of the old printworks.

    Step inside the space and experience our process →

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  • Facilitating a safe return

    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how and where we work. We’ve developed a list of design considerations and a planning process to help businesses return to the office safely, giving staff the confidence they need to be productive. Download our COVID-19 Guide to Workspace to learn more.

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  • Our product portfolio

    We work with every supplier and retailer in Europe, meaning you have access to the best furniture in the world. For more information on the products we supply, contact one of our specialists using the form at the bottom of this page.

  • “Our team work with an array of clients across business sectors from media to finance. We love the challenge of creating beautiful, functional workplaces no matter what the budget. We are proud of the projects we have completed and take pride in seeing a building shell be transformed into a productive, welcoming space people want to work in.”

    Richard Mort
    Furniture Director

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  • The Guide to Space Rationalisation

    Whether you’re considering updating your current space, downsizing or looking for more space somewhere else, our space rationalisation process is designed to help you navigate change with flexibility and get the most out of your commercial assets.

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