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Craig Smith

Chief Development Officer

Craig works with clients to allocate the best Oktra teams to their projects, delivering excellence through every stage of the process. He creates successful delivery strategies and ensures that projects exceed expectations.
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Martin Leeper

Group COO

Martin is a driven operational leader with a strong belief that everything we do should be challenged at every step. He has a wealth of experience and is focused on driving group performance.
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Mike Murray

Managing Director, Oktra Regions

Mike has been with Oktra since 2009 and his experience has led to a detailed understanding of how the working parts of a successful Design and Build company come together. The success and happiness of his team are always two of Mike’s top priorities.
Dominic Dugan

Creative Director

Dominic acts as an advocate for our clients, challenges our in-house designers, and steers the creative direction of the design to exceed our client's aspirations.
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Claire Elliott

Group Design Operations Director

Claire is responsible for the process and standards of design from start of a project through to practical completion and beyond, including the implementation and ongoing development of BIM, Revit, Graphics and Visualisation across the whole Group.
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Aleksandra Moskowa-Stachowicz

Group Finance Director

Aleks’ focus is strengthening Oktra’s group financial health and ensuring our financial and commercial strategy supports our long-term objectives. She brings unparalleled insight from over 20 years of experience in finance.
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Richard Mort

Furniture Director

A product designer with a background in industrial design and a passion for interiors, Richard believes in collaborating closely with client teams and is an expert in building professional partnerships that deliver results.
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Martin Peck

Group Health and Safety Director

Martin is responsible for the health, safety, and welfare of all our sites and offices. He has led the development of our site-specific health and safety measures for COVID-19 and plays a fundamental role in our ability to create COVID-secure reintegration strategies and design considerations.
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Tim Waite

Managing Director

Tim Waite has worked in all areas of the business, from furniture, design, building services and commercial, to programming – making him a true all-around expert. Tim ensures his team exceeds both creative aspirations and financial expectations while delivering truly incredible products.
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Wayne Judge

Managing Director

Wayne Judge has worked in office Design and Build since 1991 and brings a wealth of engineering knowledge to his role. He has a consultative approach to projects, collaborating with client teams to understand their unique requirements and consistently delivering end results tailored to their needs.
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Rob Gregory

Managing Director

Rob’s team works closely with client and professional teams to deliver future-focussed spaces. With an extensive working knowledge of property portfolio rationalisation and project roll-outs, Rob constantly encourages his team to challenge convention in the pursuit of providing enhanced service.
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Martin Reeves

Development Director

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Martin has worked for high-profile design firms in the UK and overseas. He is currently focusing on early-stage client relationship management for our key accounts.