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We create workplaces with people and the planet at the forefront. We aim to design and build out negative environmental impacts, maximise resource conservation and utilise technology to truly understand the nature of a space.

  • Whether you are planning a full building refurbishment or an office move, our in-house sustainability team can help you meet your sustainability goals.

  • Listen to Vanessa Lopez, Head of Sustainability and Compliance at Oktra, discuss the importance of ESG and the opportunities within office design and build to create a more sustainable future.

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  • Accredited Projects

  • 230201-DP-World-48-aspect-ratio-1728-1728
    DP World

    DP World’s office refurbishment received a Ska Gold Rating due to the sustainability efforts and enhanced wellbeing for employees.

  • Optiver-4-MidRes-aspect-ratio-1728-1728

    We minimised the environmental impact of the Optiver’s office space by sourcing sustainable materials and ensuring minimal waste from construction.

  • GAMA-19-HighRes-1-aspect-ratio-1728-1728
    GAMA Healthcare

    We achieved a Gold SKA Rating for this project by ensuring a 99% waste recycling rate in its construction.

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  • 2024 GOALS

    Reduce our carbon emissions by 5% year on year

    Over the past 13 years we have been committed to reducing our scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions annually.
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  • 2024 GOALS

    Increase our overall Recycling Rates

    We are working to increase our recycling rates in our office and on-site.
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  • 2024 GOALS

    Continue to educate

    Understanding the impacts that certain materials and practises have on the environment leads to greater chances of change. We ensure our teams have access to sustainability education from both internal and external sources.
  • We’re committed to building sustainable spaces that benefit your business and the world we live in.

    Adidas’ London head office combines a collaborative environment with sustainable finishes to create the ultimate modern workplace.

    Watch the case study video to step inside a workspace that’s built to perform.

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  • Verified Nature Investments

    We offset our carbon emissions with accredited carbon credits through Ecologi, who fund carbon offset projects around the world. We invest in both carbon avoidance and carbon removal projects.

    Carbon avoidance represents the prevention of carbon emissions that would have entered the atmosphere without the intervention of a carbon avoidance project.

    Carbon removal is the process of taking carbon out of the atmosphere and locking it away so that it cannot contribute to further climate change.

    We have offset 151 tCO2e through various projects, meaning we have offset all our carbon emissions for 2022-23.

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  • Planet Mark Business Certification

    For over a decade we have been working with the Planet Mark Business Certification which is an internationally recognised sustainability certification for all organisations acknowledging continuous progress, encouraging action, and building an empowered community of like-minded organisations.

    See all our certifications >
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    • Sustainable policies and reports

      Download our sustainability policies and reports to learn more about our commitment to protecting the environment and how we help our clients achieve their sustainability goals.