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Need help contacting acquiring agents to assist you with your property search? Oktra is delighted to offer you a free-of-charge list of commercial agents that offer acquisition services for tenants.

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Commercial property agents that represent tenants play a vital role in the process of relocating to a new office. Your chosen agent will do the hard work leaving you to focus on your business, minimising the disruption that can be caused throughout the property search period.

Agents will work with you to understand your property requirements and conduct the search for buildings on your behalf. You might even be able to access properties that are off-market by utilising your agent’s contacts and close understanding of the market.

Your agent will shortlist properties and work with your fit out partner to test fit shortlisted properties to inform your final selection.

Once you have selected your preferred property, your agent will represent you in the negotiation with the disposing agent and the landlord, driving the most advantageous terms possible, potentially saving you a large sum of money over the lease term.

Finally your agent will package up the terms of the lease and hand over to your legal team to complete the transaction.