Oktra Welcomes the WELL Building Standard

Judi MacLennan

by Judi MacLennan


We are embarking on an exciting new project to advance the health and wellbeing of our teams in our workplace. We are pursuing a WELL Building Certified Gold so we can effectively measure our wellbeing practices.

Our team are proud to call this a dual project aiming to “both enhance our team’s own wellbeing and to further develop our understanding to better educate our own clients” Lara Conaway, Oktra’s Sustainability Manager.

Oktra welcomes the WELL Building Standard
At Oktra we understand and appreciate the importance of wellbeing

What is the WELL Building Standard?

In summary, The International WELL Building Institute is believed to be the first system to certify and monitor building features that impact on human health and wellbeing within the built environment.

Below are the 7 concepts that give value to wellbeing. In the following months we will be further examining these areas in more detail, with examples from our own office.

1. Water
2. Air
3. Light
4. Mind
5. Comfort
6. Nourishment
7. Fitness

Why did we register for WELL Certification?

At Oktra we understand that on average an employee spends 1842 hours at work per year. Our workplace is not just a place we work in, it’s a place we live in. Through WELL, we aspire to enhance how we live in our office. With only one existing WELL Building standard certified project currently in the UK, we are delighted to be pioneers, both in our industry and the UK by taking part in this exciting scheme.
At Oktra we understand and appreciate the importance of wellbeing. We view this project as another step toward a healthier and happier working world – improving our teams’ wellbeing through considered office design.

Now and in the future

As a close-knit team, we aim to put our colleague’s happiness first. We pride ourselves on taking a holistic approach to wellbeing going beyond plants in the office and looking at the impact our working environment has on our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. We explore different initiatives to create a healthier working lifestyle.

While anticipating to achieve the WELL Building standard certification within a year, we are embracing this process as an ongoing change that will benefit how we live in our office both, now and in the future.

Join our wellbeing journey! Keep an eye on our blog page, follow us on Twitter and attend our upcoming events.

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