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  • COVID-19: The Guide to Workspace

    No one knows what the future of work will look like, but we do know how to begin planning for it. This guide takes you through the Now and into the Transition phase of reintegrating people into your workplace during COVID-19. We’ve designed this guide to help you return to the office safely and move forward.

    This is an exceptionally useful document from the company that’s killing it in the fit-out and D&B sector. Well worth downloading.
    Tom Bourne, Creative Director at Select First

    What you’ll learn:

    • Key considerations for planning your return to the office
    • How to use our six-step process to prepare for change
    • How to use an agile approach to navigate uncertainty
    • Balancing risk and experience in a post-pandemic workplace
    • Key COVID-19 workplace considerations
    • Office reintegration checklist to plan for your return to work
    • Insight from our experience designing and moving office during COVID-19