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  • How to Plan an Office Relocation - Steps to The Perfect Move

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  • Coordinating an office relocation can feel a lot like moving Heaven and Earth.

    Considering the significant role a company’s location plays on profitability; it can give a business cold feet, no matter what their size. However, there are great reasons to consider relocation. Here are our Top Five:

    1. Reduce workplace costs
    2. Support growth initiatives
    3. Stimulate company culture
    4. Revitalise brands through modernising workplaces
    5. Spark inspiration and excitement in colleagues and clients alike

  • Start with the simple foundations

    Whether your office move is due to expansion, consolidation, adding new offices or even moving your headquarters, a relocation of workplace and staff is a complex project. It can cause uncertainty with staff as their sense of place and community attachment will change.

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  • As most companies have little experience managing a project of this scale, they often need help. Over the last nine years we have transformed over 5.5 million square foot of workspace to support businesses moving from A to B.

    During our journey we’ve picked up several smart tips that can help with your relocation – from the single figure staff start-up to the gargantuan household names. Let’s begin with some simple steps.

  • Be the early bird

    The most critical advice we can offer is to start planning as soon as possible in creating a project timeline. Using our Office Relocation Checklist ensures you don’t feel rushed in making those crucial decisions.

    If you’re managing the relocation yourself, make sure you’re certain as to your requirements, the budget and the timeframe you need to work to. You will also need to gather all the information available on the new space; look through the floorplan and identify the different components needed for daily activities (electrical outlets, audio-visual areas, storage spaces) and decide on your workspace layout.

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  • Go solo or partner up? 

    Even if it’s just for advice, there are many companies that specialise in office moves and can help you select the best property, transitioning the workforce and technology and dealing with the office design.

    If you do want to find a partner, research is essential. Build profiles of companies that work in your sector, your desired location and those of a similar size. Case studies and testimonials are a great place to start; as are their blog and research tools. While the decisions will be yours, using an experienced company will guarantee you’re taken care of smoothly throughout the journey.

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  • Communication is key

    While it may seem that you’re just hauling boxes across to the new office, your staff will play a huge factor in ensuring the changeover and the eventual settling is as smooth as can be. Keeping staff updated on the latest news is a great way of keeping everyone on board and communication should be a two way street; ask your team what issues with the old space and what they might like to see in the future office – their ideas might surprise you.

    Whatever the size of your company, you’re going to need the support of your colleagues in managing and coordinating the office move. If your office has different departments, you’ll need to choose individuals to help transition their divisions. Ask what is required in each area and compile a task list that need to be completed to a timeline. Make sure common areas are covered, such as the reception, foyers and storage areas.

    You’ll also need to speak to service providers such as telephone, computing and internet installers. When transferring, ask your team if these groups have always supported the business. With so many options, choosing the best suited companies can be an important business asset and you may be able to renegotiate your contract to get the best value.


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