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  • Hybrid Working: What It Is and Why It’s the Future of Work

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  • Over the past year, our workspaces and working strategies have evolved at a rapid rate, with more and more employers considering a long-term hybrid working model over traditional office-based working. But what is hybrid working, and what can it offer your business as we move into the future?

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  • 74% of UK employees

    want to adopt hybrid working

  • What are the benefits of hybrid working?

    Although many employers are keen to bring their staff back to the office full-time, recent research shows that 92% of UK employees want to continue to work remotely for at least part of their working week, and if employers don’t meet these new working needs, 49% of this same demographic are likely to look for employment elsewhere.

    With this in mind, adopting a hybrid working model and offering more flexible work solutions is a way to attract and retain the very best talent. It will also create a healthy and dynamic work culture where your staff are committed and engaged in their work, and where clients can experience your business’s energy and brand.

    Allowing your staff the space to concentrate on focused work remotely, as well as providing the facilities to collaborate, celebrate and create in your workspace, optimises productivity and leads to greater profit in the long run.

  • What does a hybrid workspace look like?

    Our recent project with Fora, whose serviced offices and coworking offerings help facilitate a hybrid working environment for small and more established businesses alike, is a great example of what hybrid workspace can be. A variety of work environments is absolutely crucial, as is a wide range of meeting rooms able to support all types of collaboration. Small phone booths and meeting rooms also provide adequate privacy for digital meetings and calls with remote colleagues.

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  • As demand for flexible working has increased and evolved into the hybrid working strategies of today, we’ve adapted our understanding and services to fit our clients’ ever-changing needs.

    Watch this video to learn more about how to design flexibility into your office space, especially in the post-pandemic era of work.

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  • The Guide to Designing and Building Coworking Spaces

    Read industry insights on how to choose your building, calculate your profit potential, and create a great coworking environment from the design and build company behind some of London’s most successful coworking spaces.

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