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  • As designers of workplaces, we feel that inspiration begins at home – it’s why the new Oktra HQ workspace promotes the latest interior developments and forward-thinking trends our research has led us to believe in.

    There are also many fun features we tend to forget when talking about the overall design. We spoke to the various teams at Oktra to gather their thoughts on what they love about their workspace.

    Jamie Levon – Search and Social Manager

    What do you love most about your workplace?

    The vibrant atmosphere in the agile working areas are better than any morning coffee!

    What tech do you love most in the workplace?

    It’s got to be the beer tap and the iPad / Spotify music system. We get to find out all the office’s eclectic music tastes (and closet pop confessions!).

    What’s furniture do you love most in the workplace?

    I like the acoustic chairs in the windows. They look great, and when you need a moment’s peace or focus on an intensive task; you sit back in the chairs and the noise disappears!

    Sam Chellingworth – Furniture Consultant

    What do you love most about your workplace?

    The people – there’s a real sense of community here.

    What area do you love most in your workplace?

    The communal breakout area. Getting everyone together for birthdays, big project wins and other celebrations is so easy and it makes you feel part of something bigger than yourself.

    What’s furniture do you love most in the workplace?

    The ping pong meeting table. When those Friday meetings get a bit too much, we get to throw down our best games of table tennis – what a brilliant way to unwind! We’ve been keeping a scoreboard (and I don’t mind saying I’m not doing too badly).

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