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  • Office Design Trends 2019

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  • When it comes to a new office, nothing is more important than ensuring you are staying up to date with the latest office design trends.

    The productivity of your team relies heavily on their experience of the workplace and thus is reflected in the quality of work produced. Each wave of a generation entering the workplace causes another shift in the demands of office design.

    These are a few of the top office design trends that we think could be enhancing the workplace in 2019:

  • User experience

    Whether visitor, client, employee or interviewee, the impression your office needs to make should be instantaneous and impactful. Waiting areas, meeting rooms and the circulation of your office will be the most common spaces that are under scrutiny. What is it in your office design that makes it stand out from the others?

    From rock climbing walls to coffee bars, new exclusive spaces are appearing in the workplace that provide a sense of individuality to the office. These are designed to improve wellbeing and the sense of community, whilst representing the character of the company. Google is known for its wacky offices around the world, with features like basketball courts with meeting pods shaped like assorted sports balls. Recently Oktra supplied sports clothing brand Gymshark with its own 30m-wide logo which also doubles as an outdoor seating area.

    Including these experience-driven office design trends can help to promote your business both internally and externally. Visitors are more likely to snap and share photos, while employees are contented with a unique day-to-day work experience.

  • The latest trends in office design
  • Biophilia

    With the changing environmental thinking over the past year, it comes as no surprise that offices are turning greener – and that means in appearance too! There’s been an increased awareness of how biophilia and wellbeing are inextricably linked and this has encouraged a surge of greenery to enter the workplace.

    In 2019 the common theory with office design is the greener the better; entire walls of moss and plants are becoming increasingly popular as centrepieces in the office environment. Using vegetation to display branding is on the rise as well; logos and taglines are going green to make an eye-catching impression upon entry.

    Have no fear though, these can be as authentic or artificial as you like, so maintenance and watering need not be an issue. The benefits of biophilia are still achieved nonetheless, with rates of wellbeing set to increase by 13%, as well as boosts in creativity and significant reductions in both absenteeism and presenteeism.

  • The latest trends in workplace design
  • Relaxation spaces

    Breakout areas are fast coming an absolute necessity in the successful office. These are not only an attraction for new talent but overall retention is significantly supported by improving employee satisfaction levels. Breakout areas can offer flexibility to the working day and an alternative environment to the traditional desk areas.

    Bean bags, booths and lounge chairs can double as both relaxation and agile work spaces. Often you can expect cross-departmental collaboration to occur, encouraging communication and idea-sharing – an absolute must for creative industries. Allowing employees to take time away from their desks to reenergise is fundamental to receiving maximum productivity levels. Pair these areas with a teapoint or juice bar and you can expect to double your wellbeing score, alongside improving your visitor experience.

  • Office design trends in 2019

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