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  • Charles Taylor

    London EC3 / Insurance / 60,000 sq ft / 16 weeks

  • Envisioned

    Charles Taylor is a leading international provider of professional services to clients in the global insurance market. The company has offices strategically placed around the world to be near their clients, and approached us to design and deliver a central London office that would support their business goals and leave a lasting impression. Their previous London headquarters were split across three different buildings, separating departments and preventing fluid work flow within the company. They wanted to blend the offices together into one, with no private offices and the opportunity for enhanced collaborative work.

  • Shaped

    For a project of this size we would usually plan 20 weeks to complete; however, our team were dedicated to fulfilling Charles Taylor’s request to have it finished in just 16 weeks. This meant detailed scheduling for both the design and build phases were paramount to a timely delivery. Both of these stages had to work in perfect synchronisation in order to surpass the usual speed of delivery. An initial workplace consultancy informed us that Charles Taylor should introduce agile workspaces in order to attract both younger talent and older, more experienced employees.

  • Transformed

    We have successfully created a workspace that allows Charles Taylor to collaborate in an open plan environment. The space is divided into multifunctional areas behind an impressive front of house, with a meeting suite exclusive to clients. The main breakout area contains its own ‘Fika’ spot where employees can engage in the traditional Swedish coffee break. Not only has the new office merged the business but it has transformed the way Charles Taylor works entirely; it steps away from tradition and supports their ethos as a forward-thinking entity.

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