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  • Crown Agents

    London SE1 / Trade & Development / 14,500 sq ft / 10 weeks

  • Consult and design

    World-renowned trade and development company, Crown Agents, appointed us to carry out their office relocation. We held multiple design workshops to understand and develop our client’s vision.

    We further conducted a workplace analysis study, comprising of workshops with key stakeholders, senior management and staff. The study resulted in the recommendation to move the office to a central London location, reducing their required footprint from 25,000 sq ft to 14,500 sq ft.

  • Manage and build

    Crown Agents wanted a forward-thinking workplace that made maximum use of the available space. Our team created a flexible working environment by incorporating shared work stations into the open plan space. We introduced agile working practices, a completely new concept to the Crown Agents team, in order to inspire collaboration. Working on this project allowed us to help Crown Agents radically shift their internal culture and reinvent their brand. High-profile guests from around the globe visit their offices on a regular basis, therefore our team designed a neutral and sophisticated reception area to suit. We finished the reception signage with laser cut wood, which was the most sustainable solution to meet their corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals.

  • The new space

    The final project comprises of: a reception, private phone booths, one-to-one meeting rooms, open plan workstations and collaboration areas with two separate breakout spaces to encourage cross-departmental communication. The new space is bespoke and modern yet embraces their company history. We achieved this through the use of old artefacts and graphics derived from Crown Agents’ documents dating back to the 1800s. Artworks and rolling content across a large TV in the reception area showcase the work Crown Agents have completed in different parts of the world, including Africa, India and other developing countries.

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