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  • Futureworx

    Cambridge CB4 / Technology / 4,000 sq ft / 4 weeks

  • Designing for a startup business

    Futureworx are a growing startup within the Marshall Group, and were ready to refurbish their workplace to reflect their standalone brand. As an active member of Cambridge’s startup scene, Futureworx wanted their workplace to reflect the innovative, agile and future-facing nature of their business. Our client had been in this office space since the business was conceived and they have since refined their brand identity and produced their first brand guidelines. The aesthetic is based on these guidelines and will help to build brand recognition among employees and visitors.

  • Inspiring growth and innovation

    Employees needed to able to host meetings, take private calls, communicate and brainstorm with their team to come up with new ideas, as well as spending time focusing at a desk. Our design solution features hot desks, three fixed meeting rooms and a large open social space which will support their company culture as they grow. The brainstorming room is designed to have minimal distractions; with no natural light and whiteboards wrapping the walls, creativity and innovation can thrive.

  • Reinforcing brand image

    Clever design details hint at Futureworx’s brand, with the chevron from their logo appearing in the pendant light centrepiece, the teapoint splashback, and feature walls that align with the shape of the acrylic logo in the welcome area. The social space uses a blend of textures and soft hues to create a modern, warm, and inviting environment with a Scandinavian feel. A further homely element is added by the prints on the walls which are chosen by staff and regularly rotated to help everyone feel valued and connected to the brand.

  • Memorable visitor experience

    Visitors will travel through the main workspace to access the boardroom, giving them an insight into Futureworx’s brand and company culture. The ten-person boardroom backs onto the multi-functional social space and terrace which can be used by clients, helping Futureworx to provide a welcoming and memorable visitor experience.

  • Pushing agility

    The front-of-house has a sleeker, more minimalistic aesthetic and is separated from the social space to eliminate distractions. The circulation is designed to provide a clear line of sight and natural route to the teapoint, so employees always feel welcome to take time away from their desks. There is a combination of collaborative benches, soft seating, and touchdown desks that push employees to work together. As a close-knit team that thrives in an open and collaborative environment, Futureworx wanted their staff to feel like they were working round a dining table, so there are no monitor arms obstructing their view or tying them to their desks.

  • Tech-enabled workspace

    Integrated technology was key to ensuring the workspace reflects Futureworx’s brand and purpose. From the Billi tap at the teapoint, to ‘Zoom rooms’ with VR capabilities, every area is enhanced by tech to improve the workplace experience and inspire ingenuity.

    The modern office is going to enhance the company culture that Futureworx has begun to build and will be a strategic tool for growth as they look to attract talent and accelerate innovation.

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