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  • YouTube Creative Studio

    London EC2 / Technology / 1,700 sq ft / 6 weeks

  • Uplifting workspace

    YouTube’s Creative Studio were looking for a contemporary design and functional work environment designed to inspire creativity in their communication and design team. The space needed to enable agile working with flexible solutions within the small floorplate.

  • Agile design

    To facilitate a number of different environments within an open-plan space, mobile partitions were introduced. When closed the moveable walls enable the space to be split into two to create a large meeting space. Made of cork, the walls can be used to pin images and other assets up, helping to facilitate a creative, visual working style during collaborative sessions. Removing the need for fixed partitions, these agile partitions maximise flexibility for the team to rearrange the space around their needs.

  • Fit for function

    Filmmaking is the primary discipline and output for the YouTube team. A content production and editing suite is located at the rear, fitted with acoustic panelling and fixed glass partitions to retain the open plan feel whilst providing audio-proof workspace. At the heart of the open plan is a long communal work desk that facilitates both independent and collaborative work, supported by additional meeting and social space.

  • Multi-use space

    For better use of the floorplate, instead of a formal built reception a bespoke curved sofa seat forms a welcome area that can serve as an additional informal work and meeting space with the use of the mobile cork partitions. A staff breakout area and teapoint sits adjacent to the welcome area with a large central table for staff to come together during breaks. The open plan front of house provides a space for respite away from the workstations and facilitates an informal, relaxed mode of work.

  • Contemporary design identity

    This modern workspace features sleek black finishes on the worktops, walls and columns, combined with a poured concrete floor and exposed lighting features that contribute to an industrial aesthetic. Complemented by natural wood furnishings, cork partitions and hanging planters, the YouTube Creative Studio introduces biophilic design to complement the contemporary, raw identity. The resulting space feels like a blank slate that allows staff to create new ideas and concepts without limitations, speaking to the creative nature of their work.

  • The YouTube Creative Studio is an agile workspace that provides the flexibility to adapt to a fluid creative work style, tailored to meet the ever evolving needs for the in-house creative department for the biggest creative platform on the planet.

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