Defining workplace consultancy

Defining Workplace Consultancy

We define and reflect on what to expect from a workplace consultancy, and the benefits it can have for your business. Find out more here.

29/08/2017 by David Murray

Oktra Summer Art Exhibition 2016

Oktra Summer Art Exhibition 2016

To encourage creativity and raise money for our chosen charity, Mind – we hosted a Summer Art Exhibition in our office.

30/08/2016 by Judi MacLennan

Oktra Insights: Technology and the Future Workplace

Technology and the Future Workplace

As a team of entrepreneurs we are pioneers of forward-thinking technology and how it can benefit our workspace.

05/04/2016 by Judi MacLennan

The Healthy Workplace - Storage

The Healthy Workplace - Storage

In our final post on ergonomics in the workplace, we reflect on the effects poor storage and cluttered offices can have on both our working environments and our minds.

29/01/2016 by Rob Gregory

Building The Smart Office

Building The Smart Office

Technology is changing both how we operate in our day-to-day lives and in our working world. Here, we explore how to stay ahead in the tech game and build the smart office.

15/01/2016 by Sonia Hudson

Workplace Trends: Better Places Better People

Better Places Better People

The latest Workplace Trends summit prompted us to further explore the relationship between the workplace & wellbeing.

02/12/2015 by Judi MacLennan

The Healthy Workplace - Seating

The Healthy Workplace - Seating

Our third blog on ergonomics in the workplace focuses on how our office seating arrangements can impact our productivity, wellbeing and health.

29/10/2015 by David Murray

We're moving!

We're Moving Office!

It's time for us to move to our new home at High Holborn! After ten weeks in the making our new workspace is ready and so are we!

21/10/2015 by Nic Pryke

The Healthy Workplace - Noise

The Healthy Workplace - Noise

Our second blog on ergonomics in the workplace focuses on how noise levels can impact areas such as productivity and wellbeing in the workplace.

08/09/2015 by Erika Linghorn

Oktra Summer Art Exhibiton

Oktra Summer Art Exhibition

Oktra brings the Tate to Clerkenwell - from 26th August- 16th September, we will open our office to friends & families for our Summer Art Exhibition.

26/08/2015 by Judi MacLennan

Trends in the Workplace

Trends in The Workplace

We evaluate the business, organisational and technical nature that are the drivers of change within the workplace. Read more here.

24/07/2015 by Nic Pryke

BCO Conference 2015

BCO Conference 2015

Find out what we think is an interesting view from the British Council for Offices Conference on a macro city-wide scale, and its relevance to the office space.

25/06/2015 by Nic Pryke

The Healthy Workplace

The Healthy Workplace

We visited the Workplace Trends conference, which explored the theme of The Healthy Workplace. Find out what effect this is having on the workplace.

21/04/2015 by Cheré Falconer

CoreNet 1BigDay

CoreNet 1BigDay

We found CoreNet's 1BigDay Conference held last month, to be a refreshing take on the challenges faced by occupiers once change has taken place.

02/04/2015 by Nic Pryke

WeWork Launch Party

WeWork Launch Party

We celebrated the official opening of WeWork’s second community in London with a launch party which saw over 300 people attend. Read all about the event here.

10/03/2015 by Rob Gregory

Rethinking the reception

Rethinking The Reception

The first of our #OktraTalks series took place this month and our senior designer Shaun Baker gave us an insight in to some of the key office interior design trends he predicts for the year ahead! Read more.

27/02/2015 by Nic Pryke

Maximising benefit from your office move

Maximising Benefit From Your Office Move

We look at OktraTalks latest event to provide an insight into the state of the property market and current office interior design trends.

09/02/2015 by Graham Preston

Construction Marketing Awards

Construction Marketing Awards - 2014

We are happy to announce that Oktra has been shortlisted in the ‘Best Branding & Positioning’ category in this year’s Construction Marketing Awards!

28/11/2014 by Jonathan Edwards

The rise of coffee shop working

The Rise of Coffee Shop Working

The new BCO Guide to Specification 2014 identifies key drivers for change in the industry and one in particular caught our attention - ‘the rise of the coffee shop workplace’.

12/11/2014 by Nic Pryke

Workspace density and the need for space

Workspace Density and The Need For Space

In our latest blog we take a look at occupancy efficiency and how we can maximise occupancy efficiency in your existing office space in London.

21/10/2014 by Paul Dare

The digitally savvy workplace

The Digitally Savvy Workplace

We share the benefits of a strategic approach to office design, and discussing the impact integrating technology can have on areas such as productivity, efficiency and wellbeing in the workplace.

02/10/2014 by Erika Linghorn

BCO Guide to Specification 2014 overview

BCO Guide to Specification 2014 Overview

This month, the British Council for Offices released the latest edition of their Guide to Specification 2014 – here's our overview!

21/10/2014 by Nic Pryke

London Design Festival 2014 Round Up

London Design Festival 2014 Round Up

Our team attended many inspiring events during the London Design Festival examining the latest trends at 100% Design. Here’s our round up.

24/09/2014 by Nic Pryke

Workplaces and the senses

Workplaces and The Senses

An insight as to how you can turn your workplace into a business tool that increase productivity, and consider how people respond to different environments.

24/09/2014 by Sonia Hudson

The new-fangled ‘relaxed’ employer

The New-Fangled ‘relaxed’ Employer

With the rise of workplace densities, interior design is key to operating more efficiently in the office. Find out how here.

24/09/2014 by Judi MacLennan

How much office space do I need?

How Much Office Space Do I Need?

We've outlined some areas for consideration when determining how much office space you really need.

19/08/2014 by Rob Gregory

The workspace of the future?

Workspace Design Trends of The Future

The workspace is continually changing. Erika keeps us up to speed on what the latest trends are in workplace design.

02/07/2014 by Erika Linghorn

Maximising Space in a Small Office

Maximising Space in a Small Office

If your existing office space is becoming cramped and doesn’t support your needs, it's time for a new change.

10/10/2013 by Peter O'Leary