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Redesign Your Office for the Return to Work
  • 10 Reasons to Redesign Your Office for the Return to Work

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  • Why should you redesign your workplace? From sustainability and people-centred design to new workspace technologies, we’re explaining why office design is so important right now, and how a redesign can help your company adapt to the evolving world of work.

  • 1. Flexible and remote working

    82% of executives agree that their employees just faced the largest and fastest human behavioural change in history, and with workers increasingly opting for hybrid working models, the office is now part of a balanced flexible working strategy. Your office design needs to accommodate a variety of work environments, as well as act as a culture hub to draw the very best talent.

    2. Technology

    With all of us relying so much on digital communication, especially video-conferencing, our workspace design needs to transform too. New workplace technologies like touchless operational systems, human-centric lighting and ventilation solutions, and behavioural technologies like apps enabling bookable desks, will help your employees stay innovative, communicative, and efficient.

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  • 3. Maximising productivity

    A workplace redesign shows your business cares about the daily experience of its employees. By creating a company culture based on mutual trust and respect, you can improve employee engagement, and push productivity to the next level. A study by Gallup found that companies in the top quartile for employee engagement are on average 18% more productive, as well as 23% more profitable.

    4. COVID-conscious design

    From flow management systems to anti-microbial surface materials and thermal imaging software, we’ve pioneered COVID-safe workplace solutions to manage potential concerns about returning to work. Redesigning your office with these crucial adjustments lets your employees know you take their health seriously, and keeps your team safe.

    5. Sustainability

    An office designed for the future considers the planet’s future too. Using sustainable materials with low embodied carbon, making sure your operational services run efficiently, and prioritising a sustainable supply chain creates a space where people feel good and that does good.

    6. Wellbeing

    Productivity, profitability, and engagement all begin with employee wellbeing. Wellbeing-focused design features like biophilia, domestic decor, and ensuring that light and ventilation levels are optimised throughout your workplace, all help to promote a physical space where your people are able to thrive, think creatively and work better.

    7. Community and culture

    The workplace of 2021 is a destination in itself. Your office needs to draw people together and provide a hub of company culture where flexible workers actively want to be: somewhere to collaborate and create networks. Redesign your workspace with amenity and entertainment spaces crafted to provide the best social experiences for clients and employees.

  • ‘The new space is breaking down barriers between departments and encouraging meaningful conversations in a way that is physically tangible – morale has never been higher’


    Andy Portlock, Group Operations Director

  • 8. Brand and identity

    A well-designed workplace can make a real impact on new clients. While online presence is important, clients can often be swayed by their first impression of a business’s office space. Maximise on this by creating a place that truly reflects your brand identity, showing your clients what you stand for.

    9. Space rationalisation and optimising operational costs

    How can you make your office more efficient? Office space requirements are evolving: more and more companies are looking to learn how to rationalise and restack their workplace. With the rise of flexible working, many businesses have fewer employees in the office at once, and an intelligent office redesign can help optimise your layout and operational costs, to make your space work for you.

    10. The workforce of the future

    Generation Z are transforming the workplace. With an intuitive understanding of technology, and a different set of motivators to their Millennial counterparts, Gen Z are focused workers, valuing job security and face-to-face contact with their peers. To entice this competitive market, the office of the future will need to embrace the needs of this emerging workforce.

  • This past year has seen a huge evolution in the way we think about work and the office. As the world of office design keeps shifting, we’re here to support you through each step of the process. Speak to one of our workplace advisors to learn more about how to redesign your office this year, and start maximising the productivity of your workplace through design.

  • The Guide to Office Fit Out

    We lead you through each step of the fit out process, outlining industry terminology, considering cost and timescale, and demonstrating the benefits of design and build throughout this complex journey.

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