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  • A Room With an iView, Bob Qureshi’s Oktra Verdict

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  • It’s no secret we love designing all kinds of workspaces from the small and mighty at ADS Securities to our great giants at Paddington and Maidenhead, but often the most exciting part is seeing our clients’ response.

  • After all what’s great office design without great people? At Oktra, we like to keep a check on our clients after they’ve moved in to see how they’re doing, if their lives have changed or if they need a new filter for their iPad powered coffee machine (a must for any 21st century office).

    It’s been 4 weeks since we built a 6,000 sq. ft. viewing facility on The Strand for our beloved neurological marketers at iView and we thought we’d see how they’re doing…

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  • Hi Bob, how are you settling into your new space?
    Exceptionally well! We love it. Myself and the team are absolutely delighted with our new studios and we’re amazed at how much has been done over a short space of time (10 weeks to fit out 6,000 sq. ft.)

    So, what was the inspiration behind this remarkable space?
    We started our business in 2012 and as half our business is international we needed to be based in an easily accessible and appealing location. Our Project Director, Craig Smith helped us find and select our building. He understood how important location was to us and the type of builidng we would need to support our technological and power requirements. When we viewed this space at The Strand, Craig agreed it was perfect for us.

    What brief did you give the Oktra team?
    We wanted Oktra to create a modern place that clients would see as a destination venue, one that was relaxed, welcoming and where functionality would be a given. We needed a space that gave our clients a positive emotional experience. And that’s exactly what we’ve got.

    How did you and the Oktra team decide on design, colouring and branding?
    As the success of our business relies predominately on the design, functionality and technology in our studios the colour and décor was very important. We had to be careful not to create too much vibrancy as clients need to test products and remain focused when using our studios. Paul Dare, grasped our needs immediately. He selected a neutral colour palette for our studios and injected personality and colour with our London Underground branding.

    What was your favourite part of working with the Oktra team?
    The design stages – Oktra understood the brief immediately and came up with a number of design solutions we hadn’t thought of. Our original plan was to have the corridor leading a different way to what Paul and the team suggested – we went with Oktra’s design and it’s given us the largest client-viewing room in the UK!

    Tell me about the technology in your workplace?
    We have seven state-of-the-art studios on one large floor. The space has a dedicated media lab for eye tracking, dial testing and Neuromarketing. Often our clients want to view and participate in what we have here but can’t come in person, our 100 megabyte fibre uncontended wifi allows clients to partake uninterrupted from anywhere in the world.

    The core feature within our studios is that we can provide both audio and video recordings simultaneously. And we have a robust backup system in place should our wifi fail – ensuring no project is ever interrupted.

    How have your clients’ responded to the new space?
    The feedback has been astonishing. We genuinely believe there is no other viewing facility like it in the UK – purpose built, all on one floor, in one of the most vibrant locations in Central London.

    How has your new space benefited your business?
    The new location has been hugely beneficial. Many of our clients come here for several days of research and our studios become their camp for that time. We want the experience to be as relaxing and comfortable for them – and with Covent Garden, Southbank and The Strand only minutes away – the location and this space allows just that.

    Why not take a look at the full project here.

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