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  • At Oktra, we want to make sure you get the most out of your new office after you move in.

    An exceptional office design should come with an exceptional standard of service and this does not end at handover. We check back regularly to see how your business is adjusting to the new space and we are always pleased to receive positive feedback from delighted clients.

  • Earlier this year, we undertook the design and fit out for Intermusica’s new office, spanning 3,500 sq ft. Intermusica is an award-winning and internationally recognised agency for classical musicians, who needed a new headquarters for their clients and staff in London’s cultural district.

    We spoke to founder and Managing Director, Stephen Lumsden, about their new office to hear what they thought about working with the Oktra team.

  • workplace-design-for-Intermusica_2640x1980_acf_cropped-2
  • How are you finding the new space?

    We are all over the moon – the location is spectacular and the environment here exceeds our expectations. We have already seen the impact, from smiling faces to much more movement going on in the office. The booths and focus pods we now have are all being used on a regular basis, exactly the way that we hoped, so that there’s a feeling that even though we’ve got the traditional desk area over there, we’ve still got a sense of fluid working and that’s great to see.

    What motivated you to move office?

    Two fundamental reasons: one, that the lease was coming to an end in Islington but also that we felt the need for more space and more appropriate space for the status of the business as it now is. If possible, we wanted a location that put us in the heart of London’s cultural life.

  • office-reception-design-for-Intermusica_1728x1728_acf_cropped_1728x1728_acf_cropped
  • Why did you decide on Oktra to design and build your new workspace?

    We thought the presentation was very slick but also personal and we found that very compelling. Oktra is clearly a very well-oiled machine, very experienced and brought an imaginative take on the space, which we weren’t getting from elsewhere. It was also delivered in a personal way that convinced us that they understood what we were looking for as a company.

    What is your favourite part of the design?

    It’s definitely the diner booths. I think they’re super and they’re big – everything is much bigger than we thought it was going to be, which is really a surprise. We were having a crisis moment when we were questioning whether we were going to have enough desk space generally and Oktra went back and looked and remeasured everything and felt that we could solve the problem.

    I also think the open plan kitchen is wonderful and, from our perspective, huge compared to what we had before!

  • office-kitchen-design-for-Intermusica_1728x1728_acf_cropped
  • ‘There was a sense of a team within Oktra that absolutely understood who we were as a company and were very clear on what they needed from us’


    Stephen Lumsden, Managing Director

  • What has been the best thing about working with Oktra?

    Their professionalism. The personal touch. The fact that we liked all the people that we worked with and that is important. We felt that we could trust them and that their guidance was spot on. The flexibility that you have to have in a project like this in those key moments is important and we certainly got that.

    There was a sense of a team that really understood who we were as a company and were very clear on what they needed from us. It was an organic and relatively stress-free process in what could have been a very stressful process!

    Would you recommend Oktra to colleagues and friends?

    Wholeheartedly. In fact, I think I already have!

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  • View the new Intermusica office here.

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