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  • Let Your Office Culture Shine Through Your Office Design

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  • At Oktra we believe in two things; great office design and great office culture.

    Office design and company culture are so inextricably linked that it seems absurd that an office would be designed before a company moves into it. What your business stands for must be discernible in both its people and its environment. Your people are the driving force of your success and your workspace is the vehicle for that success.

  • It’s no coincidence memorable businesses also have memorable office spaces. Think of Google and you think of slides and sleep pods, while Facebook headquarters abound with roller-skating programmers and DJ booths. But great culture isn’t only built with fun work perks – your company’s culture is what your company stands for, and this will be reflected in your office layout, social space, furniture style and branding.

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  • The crucial factor is to make sure how you work is reflected in where you work. If your organisation is founded on communication where teams constantly brainstorm, communicate and interact with each other, it makes no sense to have cellular offices or numerous partitions separating everyone and interrupting your workflow. Similarly, if your company is deliberately quietened and focused, then your space should offer peaceful work stations. If you have a workspace that just about squeezes everyone in but you have to leave the premises to do the work you’re renowned for, then your culture becomes fragmented.

    At Oktra, before we begin designing a new space, we first ensure we have an understanding of the culture, values and objectives of our clients. Through crucial and detailed workplace consultancy meetings we gain a deep understanding of your organisation; from its goals and objectives to its culture, people, functions and technologies. We analyse how your current space is being used to fully understand the operations of your business and why particular spaces are being used.

    We carry out interviews with key decision makers and conduct employee surveys to get a feel for what your team wants from their workspace and how they operate on a daily basis. This helps us build an accurate picture of your company’s needs so we can plan for both the present and the future.

    Whether you’re trendy tech heads, tough guy corporates or Fintech gurus, an amazing company culture is built by amazing people – and amazing people deserve amazing spaces. Your workplace is the foundation of your company culture and we aim to represent your company’s unique culture in every desk space.

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