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  • Areaworks are opening a new coworking centre in Hatton Garden; this is what they had to say about choosing a new building, working with Oktra and what makes them different from other coworking providers.

  • Imagine a workplace that didn’t feel like work – one that you were happy to spend time in. That is the kind of space Areaworks offers its members. From biophilic breakout spaces, to creative workspace that helps you take on the world, Areaworks gives coworking a fresh new feel. And we’re giving them a fresh new building.

    We’re working with Areaworks to design and build their new coworking centre in Hatton Garden, and we sat down to catch up with them about the process.

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  • Q: Tell us about Areaworks and what makes it different from the many coworking spaces in London right now?
    A: “Areaworks is all about creating welcoming, vibrant and happy coworking spaces where people can thrive and find the best version of themselves. Our members are not just about working. They’re seekers, change-makers, they’re looking for balance, to make their mark, to find their purpose. They’re looking for more.

    And that’s Areaworks – more than just a coworking facility, networking events, or a space with great coffee, Wi-Fi and yoga. It’s more than the sum of its parts. It’s what happens when all those things come together to create a space that grows and centres you, a space that allows you to be in balance professionally and personally, a place you can belong to.”

    Q: Why have you chosen the heart of Hatton Garden for your next coworking space?
    A: “Farringdon has been one of central London’s most prominent business districts for quite some time. Its close proximity to the City of London, as well as the increasingly popular creative district of Clerkenwell, gives Farringdon the edge over many other business areas across the capital.

    In recent years, the area has undergone significant investment and redevelopment, yet retains its historic charm throughout. With superb rail links and an upcoming new business improvement programme on the horizon, this prime area is fast emerging as a prominent new hub for business, retail, leisure and culture in central London. Areaworks Farringdon is a 7-story building, located only 5 minutes from Farringdon tube station. It was the perfect location to situate our flagship branch!”

    Q: What would you say are your top considerations when choosing a building for your coworking space?
    A: “We have a comprehensive selection process when choosing our buildings, but some key considerations include proximity to commuter links, size of the space, street-level presence and of course, cost.”

    Q: How do your coworking spaces impact user experience?
    A: “As a company, we are firm believers in helping our members achieve a work-laugh balance. So much time is spent in an office space; we want to make it a truly enjoyable experience. It is because of this we aim to make our spaces a one-stop-shop, all-inclusive space, catering to all our members’ needs under one roof. As big believers in improving health and wellness, we offer many things that can help improve this for our members. It is important for us to have a gym on site (where possible), while we also have lunchtime meditation as well as yoga classes in our spaces. But not ones to force fitness, we also host movie and pizza nights, community drinks and more – it’s all about balance!

    When we design our spaces, we want to make sure it’s not all about work (although you can achieve a lot here) but that an Areaworks space is a real home away from home, where you can be happy to spend your time.”

    Q: You’re a community of big-thinkers, how do you feel your coworking spaces inspire people to do amazing things?
    A: “We create spaces that foster relationship-building from the moment you become an Areaworks member. We have seen people develop life-long friendships and create new work opportunities with other Areaworks members. Creating a space that allows you to interact with people from all walks of life, and a plethora of industries and experience means that you are exposed to so many different ideas and ways of thinking. Being in a positive space that encourages you both in business and beyond, helps you do amazing things.”

    Q: What else do your members get in addition to their desk?
    A: “We have a range of flexible membership options to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. They can find their ‘perfect desk’ whether that is a flexible space to use a few days a week or an office space they can call their own. In addition to the perfect desk, we offer our members free tea and coffee, and access to all our events. Membership add-ons can include upgraded desks, access to the gym, 24/hour access plus so much more.”

    Q: How can members make sure the space supports their brand and culture?
    A: “We truly believe that Areaworks has something for everyone; we create spaces that members’ can make their own and we support them to grow both personally and professionally. In addition to our great spaces, we have an amazing community team on the ground who are there for our members throughout their time with us. We have witnessed teams grow and businesses flourish all while at Areaworks and the community team are a big part of this.”

    Q: What’s the vision/future plan for Areaworks?
    A: “We have a growth strategy of 30 buildings across the UK, Europe and APAC. In 2020 we will be launching our first APAC space and expanding outside of London to regional cities in the UK. Innovation and passion are at the heart of all we do; we don’t want to be just another coworking space.”

    Q: Why did you choose Oktra to design and build your next coworking space?
    A: “Oktra’s experience in the industry as an established D&B contractor, combined with their understanding of our needs made them a perfect fit for Areaworks.”

    We’re passionate about creating inspiring spaces and Areaworks are experts in providing them. So, when the coworking leaders asked us to design their new space, it felt like a match made in heaven. We are creators of over 2 million sq ft of coworking space across London.

    Want to work with us next? Send us an email – we can’t wait to hear your story.

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