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  • The Guide to Cat A+ for Landlords

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  • What is Cat A+?

    Cat A+ is defined as the line between a Cat A and Cat B fit out. It serves as the mid-point where the landlord appoints more practical design features that will make the space ready for occupation immediately.

    Tenants are raising their expectations for new spaces, expecting flexibility and a quick start to their occupation. To keep up with the market demand, landlords are turning to these flexible models to attract new business. In London, the market for these spaces has increased by 25% in just two years, accounting for about 20 million sq ft.

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  • Built to Lease

    Oktra’s latest venture has been to produce an unparalleled service that ensures you receive the best return on your space. Through our Built to Lease programme, we get to know your objectives and business model to find the right route to achieving profitability for you.

    Built to Lease fulfils the same objectives as Cat A+ but with an enhanced research method. We use data to procure unequivocal advice that defines the best prospective tenant profile to suit your space. Through research into your target audience, location and market, we can provide you with a comprehensive design that is built to support any business function.

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  • What are the benefits?

    Our Built to Lease programme bridges the gap between Cat A and B fit outs, offering some of the following benefits:

    • Reduces building voids
    Decreases your vacancy rates whilst improving your leasing capability.
    • Attracts tenants quickly
    Appeals to a broader scope of prospective tenants, meaning a faster rate of occupancy.
    • Reduces upfront costs
    You can benefit from charging higher rent rates due to lower expenditure for tenants at the beginning.
    • Maintains the quality of your space
    We deliver your project to ISO standards, meaning your design is entirely futureproof and built to last.
    • Improves sustainability
    Meets today’s expectations of a ‘green office’ with exceptional ratings with recognised environmental bodies.
    • Provides a strong marketing strategy
    We provide marketing support after the completion of your project.

  • Who can benefit?

    Built to Lease is a strategy benefiting any landlord or tenant. The programme is designed to enhance the performance of any commercial space, putting it in the forefront of the 15% of flexible offices that make up the industry.

    In particular, new businesses can seize opportunity and break into the market. Start-ups and smaller companies that may have been unable to afford a Cat B fit out can now benefit from a ready and waiting, blank-canvas office. Furthermore, this challenges the obstacle landlords face of the ubiquitous coworking sector which now threatens a significant amount of their business. Smaller or more agile companies can look at Built to Lease as a step above the coworking environment: a private space, flexible and ready for occupancy.

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