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  • These office design ideas for landlord properties are sure to maximise your offering and attract target tenants – get ready for faster occupation.

    Landlord projects are successful when they’re designed for specific tenant profiles. The serviced and coworking office markets have changed what’s expected of workspace; clients need and expect flexibility, fast turnarounds and a space that’s right for them.

    As the UK’s leading Built to Lease experts, we’ve gathered some examples of outstanding landlord spaces. From Cat A to Cat B fit outs, here are some design ideas that are fundamental parts of great landlord projects.

  • Show-stopping receptions

    First impressions are key components of a positive visitor experience. A great initial experience will help to ensure faster occupation of your property. Reception areas are a central point in any building, presenting an opportunity for a very curated first impression.

    Put your best foot forward with an eye-catching entrance like this reception at One Alie Street. The blue and yellow finishes create a striking but balanced contrast, while architectural lighting features animate the space. This is one office design idea that generates instant curb-appeal.

  • Landlord office design
  • Core common spaces

    Breakout spaces are just as important as workspace. Teapoints give employees the space they need to pause for lunch, grab a coffee or unwind on a Friday afternoon. High-quality common areas add a major USP to Cat A spaces; no matter who is leasing your space, they’ll want the facilities they need to make their teams feel comfortable at work.

    This teapoint is from a Great Portland Estates Built to Lease offering in London. Below you can see the design development of the space, from the designer’s sketch to a digital rendering. Warm lighting and domestic finishes create the perfect space to catch-up or kick-back.

  • Teapoint design for Great Portland Estates
  • Flexibility

    Flexibility is the hallmark of Cat A space. A common choice for landlords, Cat A fit outs are perfect for target tenants who will want to make the space their own. These spaces include basic mechanical systems but aren’t move-in ready quite yet, providing endless possibility for potential tenants.

    Our design team completed a full Cat A fit out across 6 floors at Twenty Baltic. We were able to increase the square footage from 18,300 sq ft to 19,500 sq ft of premium modern workspace. The floors are bright, spacious and efficient – the perfect combination for any contemporary company.

  • office-design-for-Baltic-8_2640x1980_acf_cropped
  • Modern finishes

    Some tenants would rather move into a fully-furnished space than transform an empty one. Providing the furniture your tenants need will make your space lease-ready, making your property particularly attractive to people who want to move in as soon as possible.

    This multi-functional amenity space at Pioneer Point is for tenants. Kennedy Wilson hired our team to complete a 10,000 sq ft refurbishment of the space, resulting in a full Cat A and Cat B fit out. The end result included new meeting rooms, teapoints, a cinema, coworking space and a kitchen and breakout space for events.

  • OFFICE-DESIGN-FOR-PioneerPoint-4_2640x1980_acf_cropped
  • Inclusive design

    Every workspace should support its occupants. Inclusive design is all about creating spaces that encourage collaboration, enable access and inclusion and promote considerate behaviour. By using these design principles as a guide, you can tailor your space to provide comfort, confidence and convenience to any tenant.

    Our fit out at Twenty Baltic included a new passenger lift as well as full height, glass-fronted facades on the ground floor, new heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, fully accessible raised flooring, WC and shower facilities, bicycle racks and repair station, lockers, exposed linear light fittings, central pendants to an exposed ceiling and a stunning reception area.

  • office-design-for-Baltic-_2640x1980_acf_cropped
  • Variety of spaces

    Great workspace includes a variety of settings for different types of tasks. Private meeting rooms, conference rooms, open plan workspace and breakout areas are the core features of a complete workspace, but there are many others from phone booths to amenities.

    The Guinness Partnership offices are a great example of versatile space. The meeting rooms are designed for flexibility and can be used for events and seminars as well as meetings, the staff area is connected to the reception and the teapoint doubles as a catering area, providing a variety of work and event spaces.

  • IMG_0803_2640x1980_acf_cropped
  • Our Value Add and Built to Lease services are helping Landlords make the most of their offering.

    Get in touch or download our Landlord Portfolio to learn more.

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