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  • High Mood Food

    London SW3 / Health & Fitness / 900 sq ft / 5 days

  • Consult and design

    High Mood Food is an artisanal and organic café offering flexitarian dishes enriched with immune boosting vitamins. They appointed us to design and build their first pop-up shop at Duke of York Square. Their brief was to create a great consumer experience in an inspiring and lively environment.

  • Manage and build

    Our team carried out detailed market research on similar businesses in order to create a design plan that would achieve the best customer experience and interaction. Throughout the space we used plants at different levels and inspirational phrases and slogans on the walls to reflect the brand’s positive attitude towards health, vitality and the environment. We also installed a unique feature of Himalayan salt blocks which was in keeping with their brand’s identity.

  • The new space

    We built a bespoke joinery counter and food preparation and display areas, using light materials and minimalistic colours. Located in an open public area with glass walls on all four sides, the result is modern and welcoming both inside and out. High Mood Food are delighted with their new space and are looking to establish a chain of artisanal cafés.

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