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  • Mandarin Oriental

    London WC1 / Tourism / 6,300 sq ft / 3 weeks

  • Reimagined workspace

    Mandarin Oriental embarked on a journey to reimagine their office space, driven by the need to accommodate their evolving working style and enhance the colleague experience. Having occupied the space for five years, they looked to refurbish their workspace to foster a more inviting, homely atmosphere for their team while addressing specific functional requirements.

  • Changing requirements

    The space was redesigned to address challenges in their previous workspace, such as underutilised areas and insufficient meeting spaces. As a global business, their workplace needs have evolved to focus more on online meetings and telephone calls. These were met with innovative solutions, including the addition of two new meeting rooms in the reception area and the repurposing of meeting rooms into phone booths and smaller meeting areas that are better suited to their changing requirements, ensuring the workspace is designed around their team and the activities undertaken in the space.

  • Reflecting brand identity

    As the new space sought to reflect a more progressive work environment, the design embraced fresh colours for a timeless aesthetic. We aimed to improve the arrival area for a better brand presence, incorporating vibrant colours and new soft seating arrangements to create a more inviting welcome space, while the rest of the workspace makes subtle hints to their brand with photos of brand-affiliated celebrities to create the “fan wall” and captivating contemporary art to refresh the office environment.

  • Designed for colleagues

    The new space focuses on creating an environment conducive to their colleague requirements, with an enhanced breakout area that aims to promote wellbeing by providing functional spaces for collaborative activities and encouraging staff to step away from their desks. Colleague polls guided design decisions to ensure the space resonated with the workforce, allowing their input into colour choices and furniture selections, signifying a commitment to colleague satisfaction through thoughtful design choices and strategic enhancements of the workplace.

  • The transformation of Mandarin Oriental’s office space signifies a commitment to their team and brand identity. The workspace now stands as a vibrant reflection of the company’s culture and values.

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