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  • ASMPT SMT Solutions

    Weymouth DT4 / Technology / 25,000 sq ft / 20 weeks

  • Evolving the workplace

    ASMPT SMT Solutions embarked on a journey to revitalise their 30-year-old office space, recognising the need to adapt to evolving work dynamics post-Covid. With a vision to foster innovation and collaboration, the electronics manufacturer sought to create a workspace that reflected their brand identity and supported their progressive culture.

  • Future working principles

    The project aimed to enable hybrid working, promote collaboration, and create opportunities for chance interactions among staff. Informed by the business’ future working principles, the design focused on providing flexibility and technology-enabled solutions to facilitate seamless collaboration, both in-person and virtually.

  • Data-informed design

    Extensive workplace strategy research, including staff surveys and workshops, provided key insights into employee preferences and needs. Observations highlighted the importance of collaboration spaces, remote working provisions, and the integration of technology to support various work styles and personalities within the organisation.

  • Accommodating diversity

    The new office layout deviates from traditional desk-centric models, embracing a “neighbourhood” concept where teams have designated areas but not fixed desks. The design prioritises collaboration spaces, meeting rooms, and quiet zones to accommodate diverse work requirements and promote interaction among employees.

  • Reflecting the brand

    The company’s brand identity is reflected in the office’s vibrant colour scheme, innovative technology integration, and open layout. Each floor pays homage to the local area, with the ground floor inspired by the Weymouth coastline and the first floor featuring a more tech-oriented aesthetic.

  • Sustainability measures

    The project achieved a gold Ska rating, underscoring its commitment to sustainability. Energy-efficient features, sustainable materials, and waste reduction initiatives were integral to the design process, aligning with the business’ environmental stewardship goals.

  • Employee wellbeing

    The new space considers employee health and wellbeing with features such as a wellness room, enhanced ventilation, and ample access to natural light. A commercial kitchen provides nutritious meals, fosters a sense of community, and promotes healthy lifestyles among staff.

  • Standout design features

    A central architectural spine traverses the building, linking disparate areas and encouraging movement and interaction. The innovative layout addresses the challenge of integrating two sides of the building, creating a cohesive and dynamic workspace.

  • Supporting long-term goals

    The redesigned space aligns with our client’s strategic objectives, enhancing talent attraction and retention while promoting collaboration and innovation. By offering a modern and inviting workspace, the business aims to elevate productivity and employee satisfaction.

  • Changing work dynamics

    The new space catalyses a shift towards more informal collaboration and flexible working arrangements. With fewer fixed desks and a greater emphasis on shared spaces, the company embraces a tailored work environment that adapts to the needs of its workforce.

  • Overcoming challenges

    The project faced logistical challenges inherent in renovating an old warehouse while accommodating ongoing factory operations. Through meticulous planning and collaboration, we navigated these obstacles, ensuring minimal disruption to the firm’s production schedule.

  • The transformation of ASMPT SMT Solutions’ workspace exemplifies a strategic approach to office redesign, blending functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability to create a dynamic and future-ready environment that supports the organisation’s vision and values.

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