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  • Belkin

    Wellingborough NN8 / Technology / 5,500 sq ft / 7 weeks

  • Consolidating workspace

    Belkin’s previous location housed their offices, warehouse and manufacturing facilities. In the wake of the pandemic and the move of their manufacturing function, their large workspace became redundant and disconnected. They chose to relocate to a smaller office, consolidating their workspace and uniting the business under one roof.

  • Function-driven

    To design a workplace that catered to the whole company, we collaborated with our client to understand the various functions within their business and specific work requirements. The office provides each team with fixed-desk neighbourhoods and is space planned to ensure they are adjacent with those they work closely with. The addition of new types of workspaces helps staff to work more effectively, with meeting rooms equipped with Belkin technology to enable virtual collaboration as well as breakout areas and booth seating which provide space for informal work and socialising.

  • Access to nature

    Belkin’s new office space is designed for staff satisfaction and supports employee wellbeing. The new office was chosen by the client due to its proximity to nature. Belkin wanted to have access to outdoor space and built a terrace from their ground floor office to give employees a quiet space to relax. The inclusion of biophilia and artwork inspired by the surroundings brings the outdoors into the office and promotes a calming environment for staff. This people-centric design has transformed the employee experience, improved the efficiency of the office, and clearly reflects Belkin’s brand values and purpose.

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