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  • Blackrock Expert Services

    London WC2 / Management Consulting / 10,000 sq ft / 8 weeks

  • Consult and design

    Due to an upcoming lease expiry, management consultancy company Blackrock Expert Services appointed us to relocate, design and build their new London workspace. We held a select number of design workshops and interviews with the relevant parties within the company to understand their vision for their new office. They required an expansion, merging two floors into one to produce more space for their growing team.

  • Manage and build

    Situated in a historical building, a careful design approach was taken to maintain the building’s aesthetics, whilst following the set brand guidelines to accurately reflect the company’s overall image.

  • The new space

    The final design successfully reflects their unique branding and ethos. Each meeting room was designed with a unique manifestation of Blackrock Expert Services’ individuality by incorporating their art work into the design. In order to create extra space, we designed an open plan working environment. A teapoint breakout area, something which Blackrock Expert Services did not previously have in their old office, was also incorporated to further promote communication and maximise space.

  • “The team love the new workspace. Love the break out area and being able to socalise. Very happy to bring clients here.”

    Blackrock Expert Services

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