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  • Cleveland Scott York

    London EC4 / Legal Firms / 3,500 sq ft / 5 weeks

  • Hybrid workplace

    Cleveland Scott York’s office design balances the functional requirements of an intellectual property firm and a flexible workforce. Following their successful adoption of hybrid working, the firm evaluated their space requirements and decided to relocate and downsize their office footprint. Our design includes a communal teapoint, which is a first for Cleveland Scott York and will add value to the time hybrid workers spend in the office. The teapoint acts as a multi-functional area for touchdown work and meetings, socialising, and event space for clients and employees.

  • Responding to business change

    Our furniture team collaborated with Cleveland Scott York to form a scheme comprised of reused pieces from the previous office and new products that can support new ways of working. We reduced the number of desks in response to lower average occupancy rates, thus improving the efficiency of the workplace by cutting down on underutilised desk space and encouraging greater use of the teapoint and private offices.

  • Materiality and branding

    Sleek illuminated signage greets employees and visitors upon arrival to the reception and welcome area. Touches of the brand’s corporate colours are then carried through the design, adding to a clean and professional aesthetic that contrasts with the homely look and feel of the social space. Warm timber flooring, bold black fixtures, and chevron tiling characterise the teapoint and distinguish this area from the formal, client-facing spaces.

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  • Tailored workspace

    Open plan desking accommodates the firm’s paralegals, while private offices provide the partners and associates with the necessary privacy. We used fabric wrapped panels and acoustically treated glass to minimise distraction in the open plan and ensure noise didn’t impact video calls in the offices. The front-of-house meeting suite can be reconfigured with a folding, divisible wall, enabling the patent attorneys to create a larger, boardroom setting or smaller, more intimate meeting spaces.

  • The new office is a step forward for Cleveland Scott York as they enter a new chapter of hybrid working. By considering the needs of office-based and remote work, they have ensured their staff have the right facilities to complete focused work, host clients, form connections with colleagues, and maintain business continuity.

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