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  • CRUX Asset Management

    London SW1 / Financial / 4,500 sq ft / 10 weeks

  • Envisioned

    Since 2015, CRUX Asset Management have been supplying their clients with supreme investment returns. Having already completed design work in the same building, we were appointed to deliver CRUX’s new office in a ‘traditional but modern’ style. From design workshops it became clear that the client experience was to be the primary consideration for the new design, reflecting the open and transparent nature of the business.

  • Shaped

    Our designers were committed to creating an events space as part of the design that could accommodate 50-80 people. The key challenge was to develop a space that could be flexible as both a large entertainment area and two smaller client and staff social spaces. To optimise the floorplan, we included adjustable doors, allowing CRUX to open up the social spaces to host large numbers.


    Excellent standard maintained

  • Transformed

    The design now represents the character of the business, with personal decorations and accessories adorning the lounge waiting area. The teapoint features a bespoke ping pong table which serves as a storage facility and practical table when not in use.

    The office is intersected by a diagonal corridor which, along with other sections, is lined with wall fins and blades that transform the office dynamic. Clients have a direct line through the heart of the office, allowing them to experience both social and private spaces along with the traditional client meeting areas.

  • The Investment Management Lookbook

    The performance of your business relies on the space you occupy and the way you utilise it. With the potential to support commercial success, your workplace is one of your most powerful resources. We offer clients a turnkey solution for every stage of the workplace lifecycle.

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