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  • EIG Global Energy Partners

    London SW1 / Financial / 5,300 sq ft / 9 weeks

  • Workplace transformation

    Seeking a more modern and efficient environment, EIG Global Energy Partners embarked on a journey to relocate and redesign their workspace, aligning it with their business needs and promoting a greater sense of collaboration and wellbeing among their employees. Our client envisioned a space that not only reflected their corporate identity, but also supported their operational and growth objectives.

  • Enabling Interacting and versatility

    EIG wanted their workspace to facilitate better interactions among colleagues and guests, as well as to offer a wider range of meeting facilities. They sought to provide more offices, encourage communal dining and social events, and provide space for relaxation and wellness.

  • Collaborative engagement

    Throughout the project, our relationship with EIG was collaborative and insightful. We learned from their habits and preferences, allowing us to create a space that resonates with their individuals rather than solely their brand. Our close interaction with their team helped us understand the importance of elements such as personal office spaces and intimate communal areas.

  • Elevating aesthetics and functionality

    EIG chose high-end furniture that embodied their aesthetic and functional requirements. By offering a diverse range of furniture, including flexible wall systems and folding wall setups, we transformed the office into a space that is adaptable, dynamic, and responsive to various working styles.

  • Distinctive elegance

    The distinctive design elements, including unique stonework in meeting rooms and a bespoke dining table, lend the space an air of sophistication. The ambiance reflects EIG Partners’ commitment to its team, their comfort, and their sense of belonging.

  • The office not only aligns with EIG’s operational needs but also enhances their brand identity through a strong focus on the wellbeing and satisfaction of their employees.

  • The Investment Management Lookbook

    The performance of your business relies on the space you occupy and the way you utilise it. With the potential to support commercial success, your workplace is one of your most powerful resources. We offer clients a turnkey solution for every stage of the workplace lifecycle.

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