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  • The Wingate

    London W1 / Landlord / 38,700 sq ft / 45 weeks

  • Revitalising an icon

    The concept for The Wingate was sparked by the collective vision of developer Seaforth Land, and strategic investor BC Partners. Formerly known as Wingate House, this 1950s architectural gem underwent a rebranding and rebirth, emerging as a mixed-use development that seamlessly blends heritage charm with contemporary functionality.

  • A Soho rarity

    The allure of The Wingate lies in its rarity – a unique structure in bustling Soho, offering impressive views from exclusive roof terraces that had remained unused until recently. Unlike the typical compact buildings of the area, The Wingate stands tall on Shaftesbury Avenue, and serves as home to tenants like the iconic Curzon Cinema.

  • Elevating the entrance

    From the pavement, we introduced an inviting reception foyer that architecturally opened up the building’s front, enhancing its accessibility and street presence. Double height glazing in reception replaced a single height door to create a more open and inviting entrance.

  • Crafting experience

    Our expertise in understanding landlord-tenant dynamics enabled us to prioritise user experience. We rebranded the building, aligning the interiors with the refreshed identity. Handpicked materials like reconstituted terrazzo, sourced from existing stone, enhance the reception area, resonating with the building’s heritage while embracing a modern touch. The colour palette and design decisions echoed the aesthetics of local artwork, connecting past and present.

  • Restoring original features

    The building’s transformation saw the replacement of windows with elegant steel-framed Crittall panes, which can also be opened to improve ventilation – a rare feature in a commercial building. The original stair materials have been polished and restored, involving us matching new materials with old to maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout the space. A delicate balance was struck between maintaining existing features and introducing contemporary elements, exemplified by the modern interpretation of traditional materials.

  • Unveiling the transformation

    The Wingate has experienced a unique, dormant-to-dynamic transition. With an attentive nod to history and an unwavering focus on functionality, The Wingate has evolved into an inspiring workspace where businesses can thrive by harnessing the modern amenities and a strong sense of connection to the vibrant energy of Soho.

    As a result of the refurbishment, the building gained various certifications, including WELL Standard, Wired Score, and BREEAM, aligning with our commitment to future-proofing workspaces.

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