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  • Global Alternative Asset Manager

    London EC2 / Financial / 12,800 sq ft / 14 weeks

  • Meeting global standards

    Our client’s decision to relocate was driven by an upcoming lease expiry and the need to accommodate their growing business. With the growth and success of company globally, their offices were being brought up to standard to show the future intention of the business. Their US headquarters had recently been refurbished, and the London office’s moment had come to align itself with their global ambition.

  • Fast-tracked project

    We built out the 12,800 sq ft office space from shell and core, delivering both Cat A and Cat B fit outs. We worked closely with the landlord on the specification of the base build and partnered with Gardiner & Theobald to fast-track this extensive project and deliver a premium workplace in just 14 weeks.

  • Traditional meets contemporary

    We took inspiration from our client’s Houston office and evolved these design principles to produce a progressive design reflective of their London division. Operationally, the new office is structured around a traditional work model with desk areas and cellular spaces, yet the open design revealing the workspace to visitors presents their business in a contemporary way.

  • Prioritising employees and visitors

    Our client’s people are at the heart of the business, and the employee experience is elevated to the same level as visitor experience. Staff are given the prime position to work around the perimeter of the building, while user amenities such as the teapoint and breakout space have been brought to the front-of-house so clients can get full exposure to the business and their culture.

  • Employee wellbeing

    There are multiple entrances to the floorplate to give employees an alternate route from the front-of-house as well as retreat areas which are deliberately hidden to provide privacy in the largely open office space. Multifunctional wellness rooms can be used for relaxation, mother care or prayer, and private meeting areas are tucked away for sensitive conversations.

  • Client experience

    The client experience adopts a hospitality approach, greeting visitors with a bar and lounge shared with employees rather than a traditional reception. Visitors can make their way to a variety of seating areas which harness the sweeping views of the city before entering the conference room. This flexible space features a folding partition which opens into the social hub and can flex to accommodate both informal parties and formal events.

  • Distinguished design

    Seamless design details are integrated with muted tones and natural materials to present a sophisticated and professional aesthetic. This look and feel is carried through both employee and client areas, while ambient lighting sets the tone in different parts of the office to match their intent. Soft styling adds comfort to the sleek design, and artwork has contributed from partners in the business to add personable touches.

  • This exceptional workplace meets the high standards of this landmark building and reflects the essence of our client’s business. By considering every aspect of the workplace experience, they are making the needs of their employees and clients a top priority and demonstrating the next generation of their workplaces to the rest of the business.

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