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  • Global Benefits Group

    London EC3 / Insurance / 5,000 sq ft / 7 weeks

  • A post-pandemic workspace

    Insurance provider Global Benefits Group wanted to create a modern and welcoming workspace that reflected their brand outlook and embraced new ways of working following the pandemic. Their new office is designed with employees in mind, with features in place to prioritise their wellbeing, increase autonomy, and promote a healthy work-life balance through flexible working.

  • Fixed and flexible furnishing

    Whilst GBG support their staff’s choice to work from home, they also wanted to provide a functional, physical workspace containing enough desks for all employees to work from the office at once if needed. The new space features flexible work areas, including a multi-functional boardroom that can be transformed into two smaller meeting rooms with a folding wall. Additionally, meeting rooms are furnished with flexible seating that allows GBG’s teams to customise their workspace for different functions, such as seminar or theatre-style seating.

  • Promoting natural light

    GBG wanted to maximise natural light for employees in an effort to promote workplace wellness. The building features a beautifully retained Victorian façade and the design makes best use of the large arched windows by positioning the open plan desks adjacent and using glass partitions to allow natural light transfer across the office floor. A central glazed meeting suite allows visibility across the entire office and is enclosed with Crittall-style glazed partitions that maintain the open feel of the space, while providing a level of privacy. Curtains can also be used to adjust light levels for video conferences or presentations.

  • Carefully considered design

    This workplace design is carefully considered to reflect the company’s brand identity and their values. Inspired by the rose garden found outside the office, our client wanted to bring the outside indoors through colour and texture and the use of sustainable materials. Scalloped tiles on the backsplash of the teapoint and large radial edges in the furniture design are used to mimic the retained arched windows of the building, while the furniture employs their brand colours in a softer palette to compliment the light, airy design of their new London office. Global Benefit Group’s new workplace provides a welcoming space for employees to come together and a professional setting reflective of their business where they can proudly welcome clients.

  • The Insurance Lookbook

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