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  • Netsuite

    London EC4 / Technology / 24,000 sq ft / 10 weeks

  • Consult and design

    Driven by a fast approaching lease end and the lack of additional space to grow, Netsuite appointed us for the relocation and fit out of their new London HQ. Listening to our client to understand their needs is our top priority. Netsuite’s vision for their new office was to create a modern, high-tech and client-facing space in keeping with their image as a global enterprise.

  • Manage and build

    In order to conceptualise the space, we facilitated various design workshops with input from both Netsuite’s UK based management team and their technical support team in Boston. They were looking for a combination of spaces to serve various functions for their staff. We incorporated graphics and imagery throughout the space with different colour schemes to help break up each area. The front-of-house branding is bold and striking and works well in contrast to the subtle additions throughout the rest of the space.

  • The new space

    Together with Netsuite we have created a forward-thinking and client-facing office, to help increase employee productivity and morale. The final space includes: meeting rooms, focus areas, breakout spaces, open plan desking and private phone booths.

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