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  • Simmons Gainsford

    London W1 / Financial / 7,150 sq ft / 8 weeks

  • New ways of working

    Simmons Gainsford were planning to restructure their offices to transition to a less cellular work environment prior to the pandemic. However, their successful adoption of remote working during lockdown propelled their decision to relocate and entirely rethink their office requirements. Our client was ready to embrace a long-term hybrid working model and needed a more collaborative, open-plan space to accommodate the shift in their ways of working. Through a workplace consultancy process, we calculated our client’s space requirements and assisted them in their search for the perfect building. The benefits of relocating were two-fold: Simmons Gainsford were able to reduce their real estate expenditure and improve the efficiency of their workplace.

  • Considered layout

    Simmons Gainsford envisioned a progressive agile work environment reflective of a modern, professional accountancy firm. Our designers introduced a subtle, toned-down version of their branding which comes through the furniture and finishes, and the addition of organic material and biophilia contribute to a soft Scandinavian feel throughout the office. The layout maximises natural light by clustering meeting rooms in the heart of the office, leaving each wing with open plan desk areas and the best views from the fourteenth floor. This scheme also keeps the visitor journey short and slick as the reception connects immediately to the meeting suites and distances the back-of-house areas.

  • Optimising open plan

    Our in-house furniture team supplied a combination of bench-style, fixed, and sit-stand desks that allow hot-desking staff to mix up their work setting. Naturally, in an open plan environment, acoustic design is a key focus to minimise noise distractions. We implemented a variety of acoustic panels and materials around the desking and meeting rooms, as well as acoustic pods that provide privacy within the open plan – supporting touchdown meetings and phone calls on the go. The flexible nature of the design allows up to 20% more desks to be added if needed, and we provided our client with a future space plan that can accommodate growth or higher occupancy levels.

  • Designed for agility

    All formal and informal meeting spaces and are equipped with new technology to facilitate internal and external collaboration, including touchdown spaces with built-in screens that enable staff to conduct training sessions in the open plan. A room booking system can be managed remotely and staff use an app to book their desk for the day, as well as having access to lockers to keep the desks clutter-free. By operating a truly agile work environment, Simmons Gainsford are now able to increase knowledge sharing, connectivity, and collaboration across the business.

  • Supporting employee wellbeing

    The social space and teapoint are a new addition to Simmons Gainsford’s workplace. With an increased focus on employee wellbeing as part of a hybrid working strategy, our client recognised a need for an uplifting and relaxing space that could encourage communication and healthy work habits. Warmer materials distinguish the teapoint from more formal areas and a seating area allows staff to eat lunch and have time away from their desks.

  • The Accountancy Lookbook

    With a design shaped around their people and work processes, businesses in this sector can expect increased levels of productivity and staff retention. We have designed workplaces for leading accounting firms in office locations across the UK; get inspired and find out the benefits of upgrading your workspace here.

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