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  • The Cystic Fibrosis Trust

    London EC3 / Charity / 7,000 sq ft / 7 weeks

  • Consult and design

    The charity Cystic Fibrosis Trust reached out to us when they decided to relocate from Bromley to central London. Working closely with their appointed move team, our designer and project manager carried out detailed design workshops to gain a deeper understanding of their brief and vision. Their old building made communication difficult as they occupied four floors with a teapoint on each floor and no elevator. They wanted their organisation to move towards a more modern and collaborative way of working where people could all be together on one floor.

  • Manage and build

    Their main priority was to create a floor plan that encouraged communication and collaboration and allowed people with cystic fibrosis to use the space more than one at a time. After extensive research and testing our team constructed a large open plan design with multifunctional furniture and spaces to ensure people with cystic fibrosis could use the space together. The materials we used were clean and modern, with some items donated. We wanted to keep the space bright, airy and fun, yet maintain professionalism. We incorporated their positive messaging throughout the space on wall graphics and screens. As yellow is their brand colour it played a main role in the accent colour. We used their secondary colour palette on furniture and finishes to create a sleek and fun look.

  • The new space

    To encourage flexible and collaborative working we created a balance between fixed desks and hot desks. Technology was also a focal point in this design, as video conferencing is used daily to conduct meetings and conferences. We created a large meeting room with a foldable wall and high-specification speakers. The design allows the cystic fibrosis team to collaborate and work together in a way they didn’t think was ever achievable.

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