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  • The Gymshark Lifting Club

    Solihull B90 / Consumer / 55,000 sq ft / 22 weeks

  • Envisioned

    Marking our third project with sportswear super-brand, Gymshark, we were set a new challenge: to create the ultimate gym. This would be a private space, exclusive to Gymshark employees that would act as a back-of-house facility and bring formerly outsourced functions together under one roof.

    Working in collaboration with the Gymshark team we developed the brief for a world class gym for brand authenticity, a set of photography and recording studios, a purpose-built 10m high studio for their web app (the app studio) and a research and development factory for creating their products.


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  • We are totally separate businesses, we work on different sides of the country but the core ethos, beliefs and work ethic between Gymshark and Oktra are identical, and I think that’s why it’s worked so well.


    Ben Francis, Founder

  • Shaped

    In order to maximise the use of the asset, fit all the desired areas for business and provide space for future expansion, a mezzanine floor was installed throughout the warehouse area to increase usable space.

    Throughout the process, our team challenged the limitations of what was possible. Gymshark’s scope for space developed as the design progressed, leading to opportunities like the installation of a 100-person conference space for inspirational talks. Due to the high-level of structural, acoustic, MEP and energy-efficient engineering considerations, each development was carefully managed to ensure all risks were covered.

  • We are here to enable Gymshark to grow as rapidly as they are growing.


    Sean Espinasse, Design Director 

  • Transformed

    Through a ‘stealth mode’ service our team has provided the most advanced facility to support Gymshark’s business model. Located 100 yards from the HQ, which we previously designed, the team now have ample studio and recording spaces to operate in-house shoots with complete efficiency.

    This complex also provides spaces for team training and learning development, featuring an auditorium and health bar which will focus on personal training and engagement. The elite gym forms an integral part of Gymshark’s DNA, sourcing the best equipment available, an outdoor workout yard and Olympic-grade weight lifting platform. This is the perfect backdrop for filming and photoshoots but is definitely not just for show – serious lifters only. Gymshark have the best gym in Europe that can support and optimise their brand; where style meets authenticity.

  • Our project was featured in Drapers magazine. You can read the news piece here.

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