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  • Gymshark

    Birmingham B90 / Health & Fitness / 42,000 sq ft / 22 weeks

  • Envisioned

    Gymshark is one of the fastest growing companies of all time, selling its unique sports apparel to over 150 countries worldwide.

    They wanted a building that would accommodate their rapid growth and attract future talent. Our design team collaborated with Gymshark and began a mission to open one of the best offices in the world.

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  • We were on a mission to


  • Shaped

    The building was a recently refurbished space which we stripped back to build the UK’s first office with a Human Centric smart lighting system. This is a lighting programme that mimics the sun’s path and monitors usage across the building to optimise energy and cost efficiency. The design evolved throughout the build with a collective and relentless desire to continually mould the space to the best outcome.

  • “Oktra masterminded the incredible design and allowed us to make our vision a reality.”


  • Transformed

    From amphitheatre bleachers to product testing rooms to a nutritionally controlled catering facility, Gymshark’s DNA is embedded in every element of the design. The space allows Gymshark to choose how, when and where they work by offering a range of working settings. Each area is designed for a different type of task and centres on enhancing wellbeing. The stand-out feature is a 30-m wide Gymshark logo in the courtyard area. It can be viewed on Google Earth and acts as an additional outdoor seating area for the Gymshark team.

  • Gymshark 

    Winners in the Best West Midlands Office Interior Category

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