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  • Tupras

    London W1 / Energy / 7,800 sq ft / 10 weeks

  • Accommodating expansion

    Turkish oil refinery business, Tupras, found itself in need of a new space due to their expanding operations. The project’s brief centred on replicating the look and feel of their existing office while infusing elements of modernity and functionality. Tupras remained actively involved throughout the design process, providing valuable insights and preferences inspired by their previous workspace.


  • Evolving the brief

    To meet Tupras’ aspirations, we pushed the boundaries of their brief, particularly focusing on evolving their boardroom. The space now boasts a striking feature ceiling, intricate paint details, and contemporary flooring borders, embodying a blend of sophistication and functionality.

  • Reflecting brand identity

    The new space reflects Tupras’ brand with minimalist aesthetics, incorporating artwork from their existing office and prominently displaying their logo in the reception area. Manifestations creatively play with the shape of their logo, reinforcing their brand identity throughout the space.

  • Employee wellbeing and functionality

    Enhancements in the new office prioritise employee wellbeing and functionality. A larger teapoint, flexible tables, and seating arrangements offer a multifunctional space conducive to collaboration and relaxation. Additionally, increased access to natural light and strategic planting promote a healthy and vibrant work environment.

  • Enhanced workplace experience

    The new office provides increased meeting spaces, workstations, and an elevated arrival experience to support Tupras’ operations. Embodying a seamless blend of tradition and innovation, the space reflects the company’s commitment to growth, employee wellbeing, and brand integrity.

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