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  • Approach

    Whether you are planning a full building refurbishment or an office move, our in-house sustainability team can help you meet your sustainability goals. We offer comprehensive sustainability services that range from full sustainability assessments to quick advice on the most environmentally-friendly materials.

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      BREEAM Assessments

      BREEAM is the world’s most established environmental rating scheme. Our in-house BREEAM AP (Design & Site) can guide you through the process from registration to certification.

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      SKA Rating Assessment

      The SKA Rating Assessment is an environmental rating scheme specially designed for fit outs. Our in-house SKA Assessor will assess your project from the design stage through to post construction.

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      WELL Building Standard

      The WELL Building Standard is the first assessment scheme for the built environment that focusses on the impact of the building on the occupant’s wellbeing. Our in-house team can help you meet your desired WELL score.

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      Fitwel Assessment

      Fitwel is a standard that focusses exclusively on the impact of the building and surrounding areas on occupant wellbeing. Our in-house Fitwel Ambassador will help you reach your targeted Fitwel rating.

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      EPC Assessments

      EPC certificates indicate the energy performance of a building or part of a building. Our partnering energy consultants can calculate your project’s energy performance in line with the latest government legislation.

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  • 2022 GOALS

    Reduce our overall carbon footprint by 5%

    Over the last 12 years, we have reduced our carbon footprint annually. We aim to make a reduction of at least 5% each year.
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  • 2022 GOALS

    Achieve a 97% overall recycle rate

    Our sites achieved a 96.5% overall recycle rate last year - we are working hard to get that rate even higher in 2022.
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  • 2022 GOALS

    Continue to educate

    Understanding the impacts that certain materials and practises have on the environment leads to greater chances of change. We ensure our teams have access to sustainability education from both internal and external sources.
  • Organisational Accreditations

  • The Guide to Green Building Rating Schemes

    Sustainability and wellbeing have been core business focuses for some time now. This guide will walk you through some of the most common sustainability and wellbeing rating schemes, to help you determine the certification that best suits your objectives.

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  • “We work with clients on a range of accreditations for their workspace, including certification for leading sustainability and wellbeing standards BREEAM, SKA Rating, Fitwel, and WELL. Our own office has achieved SKA Gold certification, and we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by 19.8% in the last year as part of our 12-year involvement with The Planet Mark.”


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  • Protecting the environment

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    • 12,500 trees

      We work with Cool Earth to halt deforestation by protecting 10 carbon storing, wildlife-homing and rain-making trees for a year with every project that we undertake. Since our partnership started, we’ve helped protect over 12,500 trees in rainforests all over Peru. Our goal is to protect over 13,000 trees by 2023.

    • Sustainable policies and reports

      Download our sustainability policies and reports to learn more about our commitment to protecting the environment and how we help our clients achieve their sustainability goals.

  • We’re committed to building sustainable spaces that benefit your business and the world we live in.

    Adidas’ London head office combines a collaborative environment with sustainable finishes to create the ultimate modern workplace.

    Watch the case study video to step inside a workspace that’s built to perform →

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  • Workplace Wellbeing: What It Is and How to Measure It

    Employee wellbeing can be built into your office by design, but why should you create a workspace with wellbeing in mind? Visit our wellbeing page to find out more.

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