How Can a Workplace Consultancy Benefit Your Business?

Nic Pryke

by Nic Pryke


Understanding how you use your current space, and how it can be optimised for the future is key to creating a better workplace and a better business. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a shift in how companies view their property and facility assets. Space is no longer viewed as a commodity but rather as a resource that is monitored, evaluated and improved just like any other investment.

Many of our clients now realise that the fastest way to reduce costs is to reduce their property footprint and adopt space optimisation strategies. The average workstation occupancy is only 50% within most organisations. This means, companies can spend £2 million per year on under-used office space.

How can a workplace consultancy benefit your business?
A workplace consultation can help your business optimise for the future!

Our workplace consultancy process evaluates the relationship between your business, your space and your people. We gather, measure and review how your current space is used throughout the day over a set period of time. We then create a report to allow you to make informed decisions on how you can maximise your space, optimise your performance and save costs.

When cloud software providers Netsuite appointed us to carry out their office fit out they also asked us to evaluate their current workplace. Our design team conducted a series of studies including detailed interviews and space audits to understand how Netsuite used their space and to identify strategies that could improve efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our analysis demonstrated that Netsuite could significantly reduce their sq ft per workstation and create additional breakout areas. We enhanced their front of house facilities to include a combination of multifunctional rooms and spaces.

Through detailed workplace assessments, acute planning and remarkable design we improved productivity, efficiency and maximised their space.

Arrange a workplace assessment and find out if you could save on your organisation’s office costs!

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