Workplace Consultancy

With decades of experience we are perfectly placed to support you in assessing your current workplace to develop a blue-print for strategic change, property planning, design concepts, spatial footprints, organisational structure and potential implementation programmes.

So, while office space matters more than you think, your businesses’ most important asset is most likely your people. They’re also your biggest financial commitment. So how do you make sure they feel valued and give you and your customers 100%? There will be a number of answers to this question but the importance of the working environment itself shouldn’t be underestimated.

Workspace is a key enabler for productivity and the behaviours on which your success depends. It can, quite literally, affect your bottom line. Here are some of the impacts:

- Staff attraction, retention, development, engagement and morale
- Client, customer and business partner perspectives and experience
- Collaboration and communication internally and externally
- Office politics, hierarchy and company values
- Branding and messaging
- IT/telecommunications/audiovisual provision, flexibility, speed and scalability
- Workflow efficiencies and staff productivity
- Workplace sustainability, carbon footprint, electricity and water usage and costs
- Rental/leasing/maintenance costs and subletting opportunities
- Travel and transport convenience and costs for staff and clients

We’re here to help you identify the shortcomings and opportunities of your existing workspace and the implications, limitations and adaptability of any office relocation you might consider.

Our in-house expertise ranges from workplace strategy and sustainability consultancy to interior and furniture design. We can project manage any scale of commercial premises refurbishment or fit-out, throughout the UK and internationally.

Having undertaken a multitude of projects we have found that by going through our considered Workplace Consultancy process clients not only achieve their vision with regard to the spatial and creative but also overcome issues relating to staff well-being, happiness and ultimately productivity in the workplace.

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