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  • The three phases: Now, Transition and Future

    It’s important to consider every stage of change when planning for your return to the workplace – the transition back to the office will look different for different businesses, but there are three core phases everyone will experience: the Now, the Transition and the Future.

    These phases don’t occur in isolation, making it important to consider your workplace strategy in the short and long term. Our expertise in office fit out, office refurbishment, workplace consultancy, workplace strategy, and furniture procurement enables us to support our clients during every phase.

  • We have already supported several clients with reoccupation strategies as well as space reconfigurations. With a variety of options available to businesses, we have found that each business requires its own strategy that addresses their unique specifications. We have conducted space utilisation studies and reconfigured office space to help support our clients’ new requirements.

    Take a look at how we provided office space reconfiguration for one of our clients.

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  • Now

    Many businesses have now communicated their stance on how and where they expect their people to work. While some are still exclusively home working, more people are now expected to work from the office one or two days per week. As more people become vaccinated and government guidance continues to relax, there will be greater clarity on COVID-19 procedures in the workplace.

    How can we help?

    We can help you prepare for your return to the office by conducting workplace risk assessments and space evaluations with suggested modifications. As more information has become available, we are able to discuss our own research and findings that will help to communicate the options in the market that are available to you.

  • Transition

    As employees are slowly reintegrated into the workplace, companies will begin to use their office space. Layouts will need to be adapted and workspace redesigned to provide a safe and functional working environment. With an increased dependency on technology like video calls, businesses will need more flexible spaces to accommodate staff.

    How can we help?

    We can help you manage the transition back to the office by updating your current workspace to reflect your desired health and safety standards and support the link between home and office-based workers. It is likely that headcount will fluctuate more regularly on a day-to-day basis so there will be options to reconfigure spaces to aid a more gradual return to the office.

  • Future

    The future will reveal the redefinition of office space. Post-pandemic workspace will see a greater focus on health and wellbeing and increased dependency on technology. While there is a desire for more flexible space, it is also important to consider social spaces that enable people to embrace the communal aspects of the workplace.

    How can we help?

    We can help you prepare for the future with the optimisation and rationalisation of your existing office space. As your business evolves, your workplace will too. Our cost-effective office fit out and refurbishment services deliver tailored working environments built around your people, your goals, and your way of working.

  • COVID-19: The Guide to Workspace

    Read informed guidance on how to plan your COVID-secure return to the workplace, including our considerations and insights as workspace specialists.

    Download Now
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  • Preparing to return to the workplace

    Before considering a plan for implementing change, you need to create the right climate for it, bring your people on board and empower them with the tools and processes they’ll need to sustain that change.

    We’ve developed a six-step process to help businesses prepare to navigate through the Now, Transition and Future.

    Find out more
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  • The Office Reintegration Checklist

    No one knows what the move back to the workplace will look like for sure, but we do know how to begin planning for it. Use this checklist as a starting point for formulating a plan to reintegrate your workforce into your workplace.

    Download Now
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  • Bringing People Back to the Office

    Our office design experts explain what businesses need to do in order to bring their employees back to the office safely and the benefits of doing so. We also share how we adapted our operating strategy to facilitate our safe return.

    Watch Video →

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  • “I would like to express our thanks for the timely completion of the project which, under the present circumstances, has been a very impressive achievement. The building was handed over with zero defects and an agreed final account, something which for me is a first!”

    Leslie Clark

    Brian Grey, Partner

  • How to Re-evaluate, Rationalise and Restack your Workspace in Light of COVID-19

    Our workplace experts discuss the challenges companies are facing as they re-evaluate their spatial requirements in light of COVID-19.

    Watch the full video for first-hand advice from Design Director Cheré Falconer and Senior Designer Colm Murphy as they explain how businesses can evaluate their current workspace options and get more out of their available space.

    Watch here → 

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  • Site safety during COVID-19

    Our health and safety specialists, site-based teams and supply chain partners are diligently adhering to site standards and procedures over-and-above those published by the Construction Leadership Council.

    We spoke with Martin Peck, our Group Health and Safety Director, about safety in the construction industry during the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s what he had to say.

    Learn More
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