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How to find the right building for your coworking space?
  • How to Find the Right Building for Your Coworking Facility

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  • Your coworking facility will be home to an array of different brands with different requirements and styles of working.

    Make sure your building is ready to offer the best opportunities to your clients, even before you’ve begun setting up the space.

  • 3 steps to finding the right building for your coworking space 

    1. Find the right area

    When looking for the right location to set up your coworking hub it is important to think of the needs of the many that will occupy the space. The area you choose could be the home of your facility for several years and that also means home for your clients.

    Does the area have the right local amenities around for your business?
    • Transport links
    • Cafés / restaurants
    • Banks
    • Parks / natural areas
    • Supermarkets

    2. Check the utilities

    The building itself needs to be able to accommodate enough people for you to get a good return on your investment. To make sure that you can meet your targets, take a look at the building services provided:

    1. Number of toilets
    Do the number of toilets correspond to your headcount for the space?

    2. Fire escape strategy
    Will the fire escape strategy allow this amount of people to exit the building safely?

    3. Ventilation
    Is every corner of the space properly ventilated with heating and cooling systems?

    These are imperative for achieving maximum occupancy comfortably and safely.

    3. Consider design & layout

    As you look at different buildings, begin to think about your design and what kind of layout might work in each space. Think about how you are going to make efficient use of this space and what kind of environment you want to create. The building needs to hint at your own brand whilst remaining flexible and open to other brands.

    Seeking expert advice at this stage could be invaluable in your approach to mastering the space in a new building.

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