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  • How to Create the Best Visitor Experience with Your Office Design

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  • What do visitors think of your office? With your office design, first impressions are everything.

    Your workspace should provide an experience that will allow visitors to get a feel for your company but most importantly, want to come back and continue working with you.

  • 1. Show off your brand and personality

    It’s important that you stand out from the crowd and your office can be a key player in this initiative. Including your brand colours, messaging and logo in creative ways can be an easy way to provide a memorable experience of your business. You will want visitors to walk away with a clear feel for your brand and company culture.

    Companies like Google and Amazon have invested in quirky, fun spaces that show off their approach to company culture and create a visually dynamic visitor experience. Unique features in central spaces, like the outdoor benches at Gymshark that make up a gigantic logo, can demonstrate the value you place on supporting your team.

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    2. Cater to your clientele

    Your office should provide the right spaces and utilities to suit the needs of your business for when clients visit. If you are a business that requires quiet, focused work or frequent interviews with third parties then it is vital that you have the right amount of meeting rooms and booths to facilitate this.

    Does your space express the right tone to suit your business practice? Fun and colourful office designs are perfect for most creative and technology companies but for legal and financial businesses, you may wish to exhibit a more sober design to match the nature of your work.

    3. Invest in your front of house

    This is the first area of your office that potential clients and employees will experience so it needs to create the right impact. Reception areas, waiting rooms, informal meeting spaces and entrance lobbies act as the face of your business. These need to be sleek and comfortable, as visitors may spend most of the duration of their visit here.



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